Sunday, 2 April 2006

Off to Sabah to hunt some Wisdom Teeth

I'm gonna be in Sabah on assignment for the next three days, and unless those big trees in the jungle also double as broadband satellites, I doubt I'd be able to update this blog.

So, in the meantime, do entertain yourself by going to Hantu Bola for football stuff, or go read past chapters of Bumi Tengah (no, I haven't updated it since February. Not easy writing nonsense leh).

Also, does anyone have any interesting stories about their Wisdom Teeth they would like to share? I'm compiling a collection of them for er... work, can you believe it. The more excruciating/interesting/painful/amusing the better! Email me at eyeriz (at) gmail (dot) com to share your wisdom tooth experience with the rest of Malaysia! Buahaha!

Oh, and the last post wasn't about closing the blog lar. Haiyor.

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