Thursday, 13 April 2006

The Over-Caffeinated Coffee Drawer

I was clearing out my desk (again), this time the food drawer where I keep my stash of 3-in-1 coffee and chocolate bars, and I realised that I seem to have unconciously amassed quite a collection of different coffee.

When I came back from Sabah last week, I brought back a whole bag of Sabah coffee which was supposed to be good. It was when I was trying to stuff this bag of coffee into that drawer that I realise I had so many other coffee types in it that I had not finished yet.

There's my whole pile of Nescafe 3-in-1 Rich packets that I replenish every month (and which seems to be running low pretty fast these days), all mixed up with that pile of Aik Cheong Ipoh White Coffee 3-in-1s that I take in the evenings (my Nescafe is taken in morning), and which I will not buy again because the coffee sucks and it's too sweet.

There's that jar of Nescafe Gold Blend that I've only finished halfway and which I use to 'spice up' my 3-in-1s (by adding a few shakes of the powder into the cup). Somehow, Gold Blend and normal Nescafe has always tasted the same to me. Maybe it's just because Nescafe is Nescafe, and people like me who can't afford a proper coffee maker should just shut up and bear with it eh?

Then there's that er... pot of Bali strong coffee that I bought when I was in, well, Bali, and which I have not tried yet because I was trying to finish my other coffee first... I need to get some filter paper first though...

Also, one thing I just can't remember why I bought in the first place is that bag of Aik Cheong coffee bags which I absolutely HATE and just does not taste well even with creamer and sugar (note to self, don't buy Aik Cheong anymore). Bleh. Ditto those Cafe 21 sticks that don't even have sugar in them. Double Bleh.

Besides all that assorted 'proper' coffee types, there's also all those loose packets of Nescafe I swiped from hotel rooms, along with hotel sugar and creamer packets. Yes, I'm a cheapskate, so sue me.

It's like a regular caffeine-addicted drawer, that. No wonder it can never close properly. Must be permanently high.

Once, I tried mixing ALL the different types of coffee (four in total at the time), and what came out was an (almost) undrinkable mush that smelled strong enough to kill an elephant. Tasted ok though (although I didn't drink enough to it to see exactly how strong it was...).

Besides the coffee, there's also a whole tupperware full of teabags (which I don't even DRINK), and even a bottle of Coffeemate vanilla-flavoured creamer which sucks like hell (but which I can't bear to throw away because it cost so much). Oh, and a pile of Nestum 3-in-1s Oatmeal packets, and a jar of Cadbury's Chocolate drink. Good for breakfast (provided I'm actually in the office early enough for it to be breakfast in the first place...)

I wish they'd open a San Francisco Coffee here... sigh.... I think I'll go make myself another cup of Ipoh White Coffee...

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