Friday, 28 April 2006

A Rantglass of Potshots in Gongkapas

Have been pretty busy lately, and besides that Wednesday when I was home all day recuperating from my bout with influenza, I've hardly had time to think about what to blog about. Yup, as hard to believe as this may seem, I actually AM working quite hard these days. SHhhhhhhhhh.

Anyway, seeing as I've got a little bit of time before I run off again, I shall plug a few blogs and get you to read THEM instead. And don't worry, I won't plug Bumi Tengah again, because I haven't updated it (Oops, I just plugged it, didn't I? Darn).

Anyway, here are three blogs that I happen to like reading very very much. (And by 'reading' meaning I actually READ every single word, not just skim through the keywords and go straight to the comments):

1) Potshots - a.k.a. Daft Oi. A Brilliant Parody of a certain prominent blogger. Long-winded at times, and sometimes not-so-funny, but overall, more hits than misses. Need more reason to read it? Jill Civic. Little Earthworms. Nuff said.

2) Strizzt: Rantglass - I like the way she writes. Very poetic, and very vague at times. Even when she rants, she rants in a very eloquent way that always makes me think harder about what she is writing about. She's probably one of the very few bloggers I actually like solely based on the WAY she writes, and one of the few whom I would like to meet LEAST in case meeting her destroys the mental image I have of her. :D

3) The Gongkapas Times - When I first started blogging almost two years back, there were only a handful of blogs I read religiously (Heck, even now I still read very few blogs religiously). This was one of them. She stopped for a while, but happily, she's back, and as wackily articulate and entertaining as ever.

I DO read a lot more blogs than just these three. But I'm pointing out these three just because... well, just because I WANT to. So there!

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