Sunday, 21 May 2006

Book Review: Sir Thursday (Garth Nix)

They say that the books one reads shows your current mood and character. well, I must be trying REALLY HARD to relive my childhood then, since I've been reading a whole lot more children's fantasy books in the past few months than any other genre.

Oh well, I'm still a kid after all, why else would I still be playing LEGO and collecting toys eh?

Anyway, today's Hopefully-Bi-Weekly-Book-Review is one book that I'd been waiting to read since I finished the LAST book in the series. It's Garth Nix's Sir Thursday, the fourth book in the Keys to the Kingdom series.


Title: Sir Thursday (Book 4 of the Keys to the Kingdom series)
Author: Garth Nix

Synopsis (From
On the fourth day, there was war!

Following their adventures in the Border Sea, Arthur Penhaligon and Leaf head for home. But only Leaf gets through the Front Door. Arthur is blocked because someone - or something - has assumed his identity and is taking over his life. Before Arthur can take action, he is drafted by Sir Thursday and forced to join the Glorious Army of the Architect.

The Army has its headquarters in the Great Maze, a defensive area of the House. Half of the Maze has already been dissolved by Nothing, and hordes of Nithlings emerge regularly to attack the rest. If the Nithling invasion can overcome the Army and the Great Maze, the House will be lost and the whole universe with it.

While Leaf tries to banish Arthur's doppelganger on earth, Arthur must survive his basic training, avoid getting posted to the Front and work out how he can free Part Four of the Will and gain the Fourth Key from Sir Thursday.

What I Liked:
  • Very addictive read, especialy if you've read the first three as well
  • nice twist and further development to the story
  • The plot's getting REALLY intriguing now
  • Expands another aspect of The House nicely
  • Sets up the last three books nicely
  • Nice little tidbits about the Morrow Days
  • The Cliffhanger!
What I didn't like:
  • Other characters besides Arthur not really developed much
  • A tad 'been there done that' at times
  • Have to wait for the NEXT one now...
Like I said HERE, Nix is my new hero in fantasy fiction, and this book sustains my faith in his writing. It DOES seem a little 'been there done that' at times, but then agian, it's the FOURTH book in the series already, and he still manages to keep The House interesting by adding new elements with each book.

He also interconnects the elements introduced in each book, incorporating them in the new book.This makes for a more and more developed story and complicated one, and it's becoming more intriguing with each book. Which is more than one can say about a certain Waste of Time.

This is children's fantasy in its best form - imaginative, exciting, engaging and makes you long for more. Bring on Lady Friday please!

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