Monday, 12 June 2006

The LA LA Laments: Babies in a Zoo

I went to the San Diego Zoo on Saturday on my first free day of this trip, and I was suitably impressed by it. So far, the best zoo I've been, next to the Singapore Zoo (which I have to grudgingly admit was pretty damn good too).

The animals seemed to have been very busy in the months before I got there, because there seemed to be a heck of a lot of babies. There was a baby deer:

A baby giraffe:

A baby anteater:

A baby pig:

Even the birds had been busy:

And so were the monkeys:

And gorillas:

But of course, the CUTEST baby of all belonged to probably the cutest animal in the world, even though it may be a GIANT BEAR.

Meet the latest baby panda in the San Diego Zoo, sleeping in a tree when I took this picture....

If I'm not too bored or jetlagged tomorrow, I'll post the other pictures....

Yes, I'm coming home in two hours time....

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