Thursday, 8 June 2006

The LA LA LAments: One Small Glimpse of One Big City

I'm still tired and sleepy, but at least I managed to see a little of the city.

I though my hotel would be in the center of the 'happening' spots in LA, but NOOOOO, we're appparently stuck all the way across town from Hollywood, in the office district. That explains why all I see when I look out the window are ugly black blocks of office buildings. Even the closest shopping mall was blah. sigh...

Lucky, it pays to have relatives in places you. My beloved sister and husband dropped by for a visit just now, and we took a drive around the city (more like got lost around the city, but never mind).

Anyway, I managed to see a small part of this incredibly vast city (by my standards, that is). I saw Beverly Hills, the famous Troubadours club (where lots of bands apparently were discovered), the Roxy, the place where Eddie Murphy apparently got busted for picking up a hooker; the department store where Winona Ryder got caught shoplifting, and... oh well. It's Hollywood after all.

I haven't seen the Hollywood sign itself though. Damn. Oh well, Tomorrow lor...

I realised something while on that drive though - I'm not gonna be able to do what I usually do when I get to a foreign city: WALK AROUND.

Nope, walking is pretty much out of the question, unless I wanna drop dead from exhaustion before I even reach where I wanna go.

So, the plan tomorrow is to get the cab to drop us at the Kodak theatre, and then we'll walk from THERE instead.... I did see a few places I'm hoping to have time to go to, among them this place called Amoeba Records, which is this HUGE records store with LOADS of second hand CDs. Would be cool to see what I can dig up there.

Ok, time to get over my jet lag first. it's already 11pm here, and my eyes can't stay focused any longer.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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