Monday, 31 July 2006

Celebrities, Languages and Interviews in a Nice Long Ramble


I've found I kinda like interviewing people lately. No, more specifically, I'm really enjoying doing one-to-one interviews where I have all the time in the world to ask questions, where I have no annoying PR agents breathing down my neck, no time limits, and definitely no inhibitions about what I can ask (which I sometimes have to be careful about, especially when interviewing celebrities).

Speaking of celebrities, its kinda surreal when you suddenly get to interview someone whom you've idolised for so long. You've been listening to a certain singer's songs for years and years, and suddenly, you're face to face with him or her, talking about his or her life, and chatting over coffee and tea. Very weird. But awesome.

Some of the celebrities I've met are nice, some are not so nice, but that's the fun of it all. After hearing so much about how so-and-so is so rude and snobbish, and can be so cold towards reporters, it sometimes turns out to be a pleasant surprise when you're actually face to face with that person and find that he or she really isn't like that after all.

Also, some of the people I've had to interview have been quite cold at first, but after a while, they tend to warm up a little and just TALK. It's actually quite fun to see how each different interviewee responds to the exact same question, and how each reacts in his or her own way when faced with a tough one.

After all, everyone has a story to tell. HOW you get them to tell those stories is a different matter. I'm starting to like talking to people and finding out THEIR stories (though this does not mean my social and flirting skills have improved one bit).

Now, interviewing celebrities is all very fun, but because they are more or less experienced in talking to the press, some of their answers DO tend to be a bit generic at times. Which is why I like interviewing normal people instead.

With celebrities, they tend to have an image to upkeep. But non-celebrities? I like talking to them because I can connect with them, and they also tend to be themselves, and are thus more natural and fun to talk to.

On a similar but not related note, everyone also tends afraid of telling strangers things, whether its a celebrity telling a journalist about his new album, or a fresh-grad going to a job interview and suddenly being asked about his hobbies and social life.

There's been a rather long discussion on a mailing list I'm in recently about how fresh grads can't seem to get a job. Some have theorised that it's the companies who are picky, some have blamed the fresh grads for being too dungu. Some have even blamed the government for it.

What do I think? It's all down to the presenation, dude. You may have a nice glossy certificate proclaiming your FIRST CLASS HONOURS in your Bachelor's degree, but it's no used to you if you can't even get pass the first interview because of your lack of confidence.

Your degree is just a piece of paper that tells you how much you're likely to earn lar. It's what you do with it that counts.

Language? Not an issue. One of my friends had ATROCIOUS English, but he made the effort to keep practising it, and was never shy to speak in public even with his broken English, and in the end, he got a job with a multi-national company.

You see, language is a funny thing. If you don't practise it, you're not likely to be good at it, and may even forget it. Which is what happened to the four semesters of Spanish classes I took when I was in UPM.

Anyway, I digress. Where was It? Oh, language. If you wanna improve your English, it's important to have an environment where you get to SPEAK English. Sticking to certain societies that where members only converse in you mother tongue is not gonna get you anywhere in improving your English lar.

To tie this all up with my original line of thought (about the interviewing people lar, what, forgot already ar?), I've interviewed certain celebrities who are based in Taiwan and Hong Kong, but are actually better in English than in Chinese.

Now, being celebrities in a Chinese-speaking world, they HAVE to converse and talk to journalists in Chinese, so naturally, their Chinese improves a lot. But then hor, I realised that there is a HUGE difference between talking to them in Chinese and in English. When interviewed in Chinese, they tend to take longer to answer, and always seem cold and distant when being interviewed.

But the moment I asked my questions in English, they automatically warm up, and are much friendlier and certainly more articulate.

So yeah. Look. If guys like David Tao or Edison Chen, who were not fluent in Chinese at first; or Jacky Chan, whose English is not that good (to put it mildly); are willing to develop their more publicly-scrutinised careers in an environment where language may be a barrier, then WHY THE HELL are our normal fresh graduates afraid of TRYING to speak a language other than the one they are used to in a FREAKING JOB INTERVIEW?!?!?!?

Just TRY lar! Don't try don't know right? So what if your England not good? PRACTISE LAR. How the hell is it gonna GET good if you don't even TRY to speak it?!?!??! SHEESH.

Anyway, sorry about the way this post just veers from one end to the other. I'm a bit miffed at the moment at a lot of things ,and my thoughts have been careening around a lot too, and The whole post kinda just free-wrote itself without me thinking twice or knowing anything about what I was writing about at the time.

So there. I've said it. Back to inane book posts tomorrow, I promise.

Saturday, 29 July 2006

A Special Eyeris Bloggers' Meet Report

I came.

I saw a lot of camera flashes going off.

I ran away.

The end.

What, you were expecting pictures? Go HERE or HERE lar.

Friday, 28 July 2006

Who's a Sucker for Meeting Lots of Bloggers?

Apparently, there's gonna be this BIG BIG gathering of bloggers tomorrow at 3pm Burger King, KLCC.

The list of attendees looks pretty promising, and includes some very familiar (and femes) names like Fireangel, Suanie, Yvonne Foong, Smashpop, and a whole lot more.

In fact, if the list on Jayelle's blog is correct, then there's gonna be about 60 bloggers coming (61 if I manage to tear myself away from the hot chick I'm gonna be interviewing earlier that day. eheh.). Now that's A LOT of bloggers. And cameras. And at least one laptop (no prizes for guessing whose that is, heh).

So, if you wanna meet a lot of bloggers whom you may never meet in person, or if you wanna see how FA is like in real life (she's the same as on her blog lar. Well, sort of), or if you are just a sucker for crowds, then hop on over to Jayelle's blog for more details, or to tell her you're coming.

Or if you're shy, just turn up unannounced, that works as well. Heh.

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Pink Sonic Steamed Youth

Song = Six minutes and fifty seven seconds.

Opening guitar intro = five minutes eight seconds

The result? Probably the first song ever that I listen to for the opening guitar intro and actually tune out when the actual singing starts.

Yup, Sonic Youth's Pink Steam from the Rather Ripped album is one awesome song.

Anyway, to continue, this was supposed to be a review of Sonic Youth album, but halfway through I realised that even though I kinda liked it, I couldn't remember the titles of the songs, so scratch THAT idea.

Instead, here's a short list of songs that I've been looping a lot during the first part of the year (meaning I really LOVE this songs lah duh)

1) Pink Steam (Sonic Youth) - Never mind the strange title, this is my favorite song from Sonic Youth's album, because like I said above, the guitar intro is just awesome, and it goes on and on, and the actual singing actually turns out to be sort of like an accompaniment to the insturmental part, the complete opposite of what usual songs are like.

2) Lightning Blue Eyes (The Secret Machines) - Another nice long song (almost six minutes I think) that I can listen to over and over again and still don't want it to end. I especially like the soaring chorus, and the nice instrumental bit in the middle before the final chorus.

3) Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) - Run #2? This is a rather emo song that just tantalises you with hints of a loud burst of music, but only does so at the end, making it seem even better when the loud instruments kick in, finally letting loose all that pent-up emo-ness in the song... Yeah, I'm not quite sure what I just said either.

4) It's Beginning To Get To Me (Snow Patrol) - Track 5 from Eyes Open, and my favorite one in terms of lyrics, especially the part where he sings "You are the only thing that makes sense, Just ignore all these present tenses."

5) Celebrate The Day (Herbert Gronemeyer) - If you'd been following the World Cup on Astro, chances are you'd have heard this song countless times. To me, it's an awesome football song, and went really well with the music video that played all the highs and lows of an actual football match. Too bad the album it's found on sucks big time.

Will add more when I go back and check my iTunes play count meter... :P

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

The Heckled Swamp of Deadlines

What is this I'm feeling?

Heckled, hassled and harried,
Swamped, tired and pressured,
Never enough time, never enough money,
Not eating properly, ta-pau-ing all the time,
Going home late, getting up early,
Drinking too much coffee, not enough beer,
Double-booking dates,
Forgetting appointments,
Running out of space on my organiser,
Cancelling dates with friends and missing meals,
Talking to people I don't wanna talk to,
Rushing around, up and down,
Changing angles, correcting typos,
Chasing deadlines....

Oh wait, it's just work.

So this is how it feels to be swamped at work. Teehee.

I feel another hiatus coming.


Ok, maybe not.

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Three Idolised Names and Two Magic Words

Continuing in the vein of yesterday's post, I would like to add that there are three names out of Hollywood that I am a sucker for, and whose movies I would go see regardless of what anyone says, or how bad the movie is reviewed. And no, Lucas, Jackson and Spielberg are not in the list.

1) M. Night Shyamalan (director) - Since the time I watched The Sixth Sense in the cinema over and over again just to see if there were any loopholes in the plot, and then on to watching Unbreakable, I've been hooked to this dude's movies. Atmospheric, confusing, and done very much in his own style (READ: Not giving a damn what anyone says about his movies), I like the way this guy thinks, and his creativity. True, a lot of people thought Signs and The Village sucked, and critics panned Lady in the Water to death. I on the other hand, thought they were brilliant. So there.

2) Charlie Kaufman (screenwriter) - Being John Malkovich. Adaptation. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I'd love to get into this guy's mind and see the mess inside there that inspires him to come up with all those warped but brilliantly original stories.

3) Pixar (animation studio) - These guys can do no wrong in my eyes. Missed Cars because you thought the trailer sucked? Too bad dude, you just missed the best movie of the year. Over the Hedge? Shark Tale? HAH! Even Pixar's animated SHORTS are way better than anything Dreamworks, Fox or any other 'computer animation studio' has come up with so far.

What's the connection between these three names that makes me admire them more than the rest of Hollywood (yes, even more than Peter "My favorite LOTR movie director" Jackson?)

Two words: Creativity & Originality.

They do things that do not usually conform to the norm that is Hollywood. They have their own distinct style, their own set of principles, and their own unique ideas that appeal very much to me. That's why I admire them - they dare to TRY and be different, and to be original.

Now, take those two words and try to apply it to the local blogosphere, and you'll have an idea why I don't bloody bother visiting certain 'popular' blogs, or most blogs on PPS for that matter.

Like Shyamalan says in Lady in the Water: There is just no orginality left in this world...

Monday, 24 July 2006

Night Returns with a Lady in the Water

Confused. Apprehensive. Dumbfounded. Perplexed. But ultimately satisfied. That was how I felt, in sequence, when I came out of the cinema after watching Lady in The Water.

Confused: Because I initially didn't know what to think of it
Apprehensive: Because I knew a lot of people would probably say it sucks.
Dumbfounded: Because I still didn't know what to think about the movie.
Perplexed: Because I knew I liked it but I couldn't put my finger on why
Ultimately satisfied: because I think it's one of my favorite movies so far this year.

I don't know, while I was watching the movie, I was content to just WATCH it, to see the whole thing unfold, and to see how it ends. Didn't look at the time even once (which I did throughout POTC).

It's refreshingly creative, more original than 90% of the Hollywood movies I've seen this year, the acting is great (Paul Giamatti turned in my personal favorite performance so far this year by an actor), the dialogue is smart, and the story... ooh boy... don't ask.

It's an M. Night Shyamalan movie after all, so it's usually best to go into one of HIS movies not knowing a thing, not expecting anything, and just WATCHING it.

Oh, and DO try to just WATCH the damn movie and don't even TRY to guess what the 'twist' is gonna be. If there is one in the first place. I'm not telling. lalala. BLEH!

Saturday, 22 July 2006

What is Eyeris-Like to You?

Ok ok, I'm back already. Want some time to emo sikit pun tak boleh. Sheesh. :D

Anyway, since I'm back and STILL don't have anything to write about, lets talk about me for a while.

No, lemme rephrase that. Why don't I let YOU talk about me for a while? Teehee. :P

You see, last Thursday we had a little Hantu Bola futsal game. Lots of people came to play futsal. And since its inevitable that when a bunch of bloggers get together, they will inevitably go back and er.. well, BLOG about it, our Hantu Kecik Anttyk (whom I'd never met before the game, BTW) went home and blogged about the people he met there, and when he got to me, he said this in his post:

"eyeris was a complete surprise. He turned out a lot younger than I expected and very, very un-eyeris-like."

Uh. ok.


Perplexed, so it was that I decided that, as my first post since that silly little hiatus, and since SOME of you seem to miss me so much (ceh wah), I shall ask YOU what you think being 'EYERIS-LIKE' is.

So, what do you think I'm like?

Come on lar, humour me a bit lar. Still a bit jiwang mar. Teehee.

Of course, this does not apply to those who already KNOW what I look like. -_-"

Wednesday, 19 July 2006


Still on hiatus.


Go do something more productive lar.

Monday, 17 July 2006

On hiatus...

I think I'll go on a hiatus for a while. Yeah. I think that's probably right.


Sunday, 16 July 2006

Book Review: Lionboy: The Truth (Zizou Corder)

After what's been almost TWO months, the Hopefully-Weekly, But-Not-Quite-Making-It Book-Review is back. I've reviewed the second book in Zizou Corder's Lionboy series HERE before, and I'm glad to say that the third book in the series is just as entertaining as the first and second. Here we go then...


Lionboy: The Truth
Author: Zizou Corder

Charlie Ashanti - lionrescuer, shipwreck survivor, circus veteran, son of asthma cure-inventing scientists, and Catspeaker - is safe. Or is he? Reunited with his parents in Morocco, Charlie thinks that his old enemy, Maccomo the liontamer, is being held captive by the lions. And nobody has seen his other enemy, Rafi Sadler, for ages.

But all is not as it seems. Charlie finds himself kidnapped by Maccomo and thrown onto a boat with an unknown destination. But help is on its way in the form of his parents, Mabel, the lions, Claudio, King Boris, and Sergei the cat.

After an amazing and dangerous voyage through Morocco, Ghana and beyond, Charlie and his friends at last come up with a plan to bring the evil Corporacy - and Maccomo - down. Charlie has come full circle and, at last, the truth is out.

What I Liked:
  • Like the previous two books in the series, I like Charlie the character. He's got a nice chihld-like innoncence about him that some children's authors tend to forget about when they write about THEIR eleven-year-old lead characters.
  • The new character - Ninu the REAL chameleon, who can talk to anythign and anyone - is actually quite endearing.
  • I liked the maps, especially all the funny little descriptions of places
  • I like how they ended the book, especially the finding of George.
  • The plot, the truth about the Corporacy is pretty good

What I Didn't Like
  • The series is over. :-(
  • Having Ninu around seemed to make things TOO easy at times, especially towards the end.
  • The timeline of the whole thing is just whacked. No continuity langsung. All the characters seem to just happen to converge at the same place at the same time, no matter where they started from in the first place
I like the Lionboy series, and I rate this last book as my second favorite behind the first. (The second one was a tad disappointing, IMHO). Charlie as a character has endeared himself to me, because he may be this genius and all, but inside, he is still a kid, and some of the 'mistakes' he makes is all down to him BEING a kid in the first place.

No Artemis Fowl-type confidence, no Harry Potter-like magical powers, all Charlie has is his ability to think, and to speak Cat, and it is how he uses these 'powers' that is what sets him apart from the ofther kiddy book heroes I've read about so far.

All in all, this is a pretty good way to end the series, and I can't wait to see what the Mother and Daughter team of Zizou Corder can come up with next. I wish more children's books could be as fun as this, really; instead of trying so hard to be the 'next Harry Potter'.

Friday, 14 July 2006

Cough Cough Hack Hack I Want Durian

When I woke up this morning, I was convinced that I'd lost my lungs because of how violently I'd been coughing the night before. Yeah, looks like I'm definitely coming down with something.

Sigh. Nothing sucks more than actually getting sick while you're on your week off.

So, in a bid to get some 'fresh air' (well, as fresh as air in KL can get, that is), as opposed to being cooped up in my little room and surf all day, I decided to go out to town instead and er... surf all day.

Yeah, I have no life, so sue me.

Oh, and my dad also called me up and said, "Hey, we're going for a durian road trip to Raub tomorrow, wanna come?" And then it hit me...


Siiiiiigh.... sniff sniff.

Oh well, maybe I'll go after all. After all, one of my best principles in life is: EAT FIRST SUFFER LATER.

Yes, this has been one of those posts that I post when I have nothing to post about.

Thank you for reading. Now go do something useful for a change.

Thursday, 13 July 2006

The Eraser of 10000 Rather Ripped Black Holes

Here are four of my most recently... er... acquired albums:

Don't ask me why I got them, whether I like them, where I got them, or how they sound like. Because I'm not too sure of the answers. Yet.

I'm still trying to wrap my fragile little mind around the weird guitars, native American chanting and electronica.

Maybe I'll grow to like them, maybe I won't. For now, I think I'll go listen to the Little Willies for a while. At least Roly Poly is catchy.

Being Busy and Sick on My Week Off

I'm actually on leave right now, and bumming around at home happily, watching CSI in the afternoons and Cartoon Network all day.

I'm SUPPOSED to be cleaning up my bookshelves and my room, but since I got back from Singapore, I've actually been.... WORKING.

Yes, it's strange but true, I'm actually doing WORK while I'm on leave. Strangely enough, I'm also getting a lot more work done while I'm on leave than when I'm in the office. Says a lot about the level of motivation I have while in the office, huh? Or maybe it's because at home, I can actually stop working for a while and literally SLEEP on it.


Anyway, after this one last story, I'm done working for the week. Which leaves me time to go to the doctor.

Yeah, I got a terrible cough while I was on leave. Does that suck or what?

First I have to WORK while on leave, THEN I get sick.

At this rate, I'll have to take ANOTHER week off.... :D

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Coldplay Mosh-Pit Denizens

Spotted inside the mosh pit at the Coldplay concert:
  • A guy with big hair who bought the SGD170 ticket and spent three quarters of the concert just looking through the tiny screen of his stupid video-cam, and at the same time blocking the view of everyone else;
  • "Twin tower" ang mohs who were too damn selfish and kiasu to allow two small-sized girls to get in front even though it wouldn't have affect YOUR view of the concert but would certainly help THEM watch it better;
  • A girl with a very loud voice who tried to out-scream the music while talking on her phone;
  • A couple next to me who were more interested in making out than watching the concert;
  • An uncle who just stood around taking up precious moshing space, refusing to budge, and looking clueless at all the dancing and jumping around him while scolding people who bumped into him.
PLEASE, don't let me be standing next to you idiots again when I'm in the mosh pit of another concert.

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

A Rush of Blood to the Head At the Speed of Sound

This is Chris Martin:

This is Chris Martin again. He doesn't shave:

These are Chris Martin's hands. They want to Make Trade Fair:

This is Chris Martin's band. They rock, sometimes better than Chris Martin:

CERTAIN people may think Coldplay sound boring on the albums, others think they are too mainstream, while others may think their music is gay; and their perceptions are probably so set in stone that they'd probably never bother going to see them them live in concert.

Which is a damn shame, because Coldplay is one band you HAVE to watch live to appreciate.

After all, last night's high of singing along to Fix You, The Scientist and Yellow in a stadium of 11000 people was hardly boring.

It was a rush of blood to the head traveling at the speed of sound.

PS: That blown lightbulb in the end must have failed the SIRIM quality test and got shipped to Singapore by mistake...

PPS: For more on the concert, go to Su Yin and Strizzt.

Sunday, 9 July 2006

Random Observations at KLIA #329548

  • Can someone please tell the KLIA Express people that the 'infotainment' screens on their trains are incredibly annoying?
  • Why do I always end up behind the guy whose passport doesn't work at the Autogate?
  • Why does the Satellite building have lifts that only go ONE energy-wasting floor? What people's hand luggage too heavy to carry on the escalators is it?
  • Can somone please serve decent coffee in this place? (And no, Starbucks sucks)
  • Singapore Airline air-hostesses are hot
  • MAS hostesses.... not so hot
  • Why are the Luggage lockers called 'LEFT Luggage lockers'? Is there a RIGHT luggage locker somewhere? Or is it for luggage that's being LEFT behind?
  • Half an hour to get to KL Sentral from home, another half and hour train ride to KLIA, one hour and half check in and wait, 30-minute flight, another one hour to check out later. Tell me again why I'm FLYING to Singapore? Oh. Right.

Saturday, 8 July 2006

Where in Singapore to watch the World Cup Final?

So... I'll be in Singapore tomorrow afternoon until Tuesday. Coldplay on Monday mar. What I need to know right now is....


I'm staying near Bras Basah, BTW, wherever that is. So suggestions that are located anywhere near there is mucho appreciated. :D

Thursday, 6 July 2006

Pirates of the CarribAAARRRGGGHHH!!!


I've just seen this:

And after it, I went:


Wanna hear it again? ok.


What does this mean? Is it good or bad? Up to you to decide.

All I can say is this:

Don't read anything about the movie.
Don't listen to what anyone says.
Don't even bloody ACCIDENTLY OVERHEAR anyone talking about the movie

Just.... Go watch the movie.

Follow the above steps correctly, and I guarantee you'll be going AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! as well when the movie ends.

Or at the very least: "WTF?!?!?!?!"

Unless you're The Visitor of course, in which case go watch some Hungarian movies or something.

Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Lessons Learnt from Long-Winded Yogurt

  1. Apples and oranges are the same
  2. Nine steps are actually six steps
  3. Pawns don't matter
  4. Bluff the right name
  5. Miss the point, all the time
  6. Unbiasness requires clarification
  7. Profitability PWNs creativity
  8. Contradict yourself
  9. Recycle your speeches.
  10. Make up your mind and don't expect questions.

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Movie Songs Rock, Heck Yeah!

Lately, I've been digging out my soundtrack mp3s to listen to, partly because I've finally finished listening to all the songs on my 'Never Played' list, and partly because the Superman opening titles kept playing in my mind, and I wanted to get it out.

So I decided to try and oust the Superman theme that kept playing in my head, by playing the Team America soundtrack over and over again.

America, F**k Yeah!
Liberty, F**k yeah!
Sushi, F**k yeah!
Taco Bell, F**k yeah!
Slavery, F**k Yeah!

Ahem. Well, it IS the Fourth of July after all. Heh.

Anyway, the only difference between my current soundtrack phase and my previous one I mentioned before HERE (back when the Star Wars theme got stuck in my head), is that this time, I'm listening to songs with actual SINGING, from movies that I like.

Out went the Rohan theme, the Star Wars theme, and of course, the Superman theme. Into my iPod went songs from Team America, South Park, Good Will Hunting, Cars, and so on.

Ok, so its not exactly the most inspiring soundtrack playlist ever, especially with Team America and South Park there. But hey, it's FUN. There is nothing more fun than humming Uncle F**ker and sniggering to the lyrics of America F**k Yeah while on the crapper. Oops, TMI.

Anyway, moving on... the songs by Elliot Smith from the Good Will Hunting soundtrack I had are actually pretty good. Very folkish, very Simon & Garfunkel-ish, very nice. I like. And so are some of the songs from the Narnia soundtrack (the non-score songs lar), and the Cars soundtrack also. They make me wanna watch the movies again.

I also have a few tracks from a few Disney movies as well. And while listening to them I noticed something - the versions that are sung in the movies themselves are almost always BETTER than the singles sung by 'accomplished astistes'.

For example, look how Mariah Curry and Whippedcream Houston's take on the Prince of Egypt (which is not a Disney pic, but you get the point) song When You Believe is SO CRAPPY compared to the actual cartoon version sung sung with choirs and all.

And how the cartoon version of A Whole New World sung by Lea Salonga (I love her voice) and Brad Kane just sounds so much more magical and emotional compared to the Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle one (lets not mention the Jessica Simpson + Nick Lachey version, shall we?). Ditto the song Reflection in Mulan, which is miles better than the pre-Dirty+boob-job Christina Aguilera version.

And don't get me started on Elton John's murdering of his own song Circle of Life, which was rendered so majestically not-by-him in the opening scenes of The Lion King. Urgh. At least Phil Collins sang his own songs in the movie Tarzan. They were still pretty crap though, but at least he sang them himself. heh.

Anyway, I've got lots more songs in my iPod from movies. I've got stuff from Moulin Rouge and Phantom of the Opera mixed up with funny songs from School of Rock, and silly songs from Monty Python, that dolphin song from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (So Long and Thanks for the Fish), even Adam Sandler's songs from The Wedding Singer.

Yes, it's a pretty silly and weird playlist, but hey, it's fun, and it's almost like watching those movies again.

Ok, almost. Tomorrow, it's back to Jimmy Eat World and Sonic Youth.

The Seventh Art of The Visitor's Seventeen Hundredth Blog

For someone who seems to be a professional blog troll, The Visitor has a shit-load of blogs himself. even more than I do.

And they say I'M addicted to blogging.

Anyway, the fellow, not content with parading his artsy-farsty tastes in movies and making fun of my tastes in movies by waving his high brow anti-Hollywood-crap opinions on MY blog all the time, has gone and started his own movie blog - The Seventh Art - where he waxes lyrical about movies no one has heard of, and complains about Superman wearing his cape inside his work clothes.

As he says in his intro, he is a "Former film reviewer for a major English daily. Now relegated to the blogosphere. Who cares?"

Indeed. :D

Anyway, if you're a fan of obscure movies and artsy art films (and also happen to be a sucker for punishment), go check out his new blog. If you want weird psycho babble and occasional horror stories, go to his regular blog - The Clouded Moon.

Otherwise, if you prefer shallow Hollywood flicks with nothing but hot babes and lots of explosions and toilet humour, feel free to stay here....

Monday, 3 July 2006

Too Malas to Translate What Pai Seh Means Lar

I noticed recently that some of the blogs I visit tend to have 'translations' of some Malaysian or dialect words that they use in their blogs. stuff like 'pai seh' or 'kayu' are followed by asterisks with the literal explanation of what the word means or the context it is used in.

In fact, I was writing this glossary on Hantu Bola terms just now when I realised that someone who is not Malaysian would probably not understand some of the things I write on this blog as well, because of all the slang, chinese and malay words I sometimes use here.

Now, much like how I don't really care about whether mat sallehs can understand me without me putting on a fake gwailo accent, I really can't be bothered to 'translate' the quintessentially Malaysian words that I sometimes use in this blog.

You see, I blog for a very specific audience. I don't try to cater to an international audience because, lets face it, they have better things to read about than a little Malaysian's blog. Besides, I don't even have any pictures of cute chicks anywhere, unlike certain internationally popular malaysian blogs.

Anyway, yeah, specific audience - MALAYSIANS. Only Malaysians would understand what I write in here sometimes. Why? Because hey, I'm Malaysian mar. And I like to blog the way I think, which is with all the usual 'lahs' and 'mahs'. Tak paham sorrylar.

It's also why I like reading blogs like Gongkapas, because she never ever changes the way she writes, and it's always so so so Malaysian that if you cut it it'll bleed sambal belacan. It's all natural Malaysian babeh!

So, if ever you don't understand what I'm talking about, or don't understand the words I'm using, sorrylor. I wish I could point you to an online Malaysian slang translator that can tell you the meaning of words like 'jahanam' or 'pegidah' or 'wahlauwei', or how to use 'lah' and 'mah', but unfortunately I don't think such a thing exists. And don't ask me to translate lar. I have a hard enough time thinking of what to blog about without having to translate all the rubbish I write about half the time.

Anyway, here I go again, talking about blogging again. Macamlar I got nothing else to blog about.

Oh wait, I really DON'T have anything to blog about. Lalala.

Besides, it's World Cup season. What are you doing here? Go read Hantu Bola lar! I update there more often these days!