Thursday, 27 July 2006

Pink Sonic Steamed Youth

Song = Six minutes and fifty seven seconds.

Opening guitar intro = five minutes eight seconds

The result? Probably the first song ever that I listen to for the opening guitar intro and actually tune out when the actual singing starts.

Yup, Sonic Youth's Pink Steam from the Rather Ripped album is one awesome song.

Anyway, to continue, this was supposed to be a review of Sonic Youth album, but halfway through I realised that even though I kinda liked it, I couldn't remember the titles of the songs, so scratch THAT idea.

Instead, here's a short list of songs that I've been looping a lot during the first part of the year (meaning I really LOVE this songs lah duh)

1) Pink Steam (Sonic Youth) - Never mind the strange title, this is my favorite song from Sonic Youth's album, because like I said above, the guitar intro is just awesome, and it goes on and on, and the actual singing actually turns out to be sort of like an accompaniment to the insturmental part, the complete opposite of what usual songs are like.

2) Lightning Blue Eyes (The Secret Machines) - Another nice long song (almost six minutes I think) that I can listen to over and over again and still don't want it to end. I especially like the soaring chorus, and the nice instrumental bit in the middle before the final chorus.

3) Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) - Run #2? This is a rather emo song that just tantalises you with hints of a loud burst of music, but only does so at the end, making it seem even better when the loud instruments kick in, finally letting loose all that pent-up emo-ness in the song... Yeah, I'm not quite sure what I just said either.

4) It's Beginning To Get To Me (Snow Patrol) - Track 5 from Eyes Open, and my favorite one in terms of lyrics, especially the part where he sings "You are the only thing that makes sense, Just ignore all these present tenses."

5) Celebrate The Day (Herbert Gronemeyer) - If you'd been following the World Cup on Astro, chances are you'd have heard this song countless times. To me, it's an awesome football song, and went really well with the music video that played all the highs and lows of an actual football match. Too bad the album it's found on sucks big time.

Will add more when I go back and check my iTunes play count meter... :P

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