Tuesday, 11 July 2006

A Rush of Blood to the Head At the Speed of Sound

This is Chris Martin:

This is Chris Martin again. He doesn't shave:

These are Chris Martin's hands. They want to Make Trade Fair:

This is Chris Martin's band. They rock, sometimes better than Chris Martin:

CERTAIN people may think Coldplay sound boring on the albums, others think they are too mainstream, while others may think their music is gay; and their perceptions are probably so set in stone that they'd probably never bother going to see them them live in concert.

Which is a damn shame, because Coldplay is one band you HAVE to watch live to appreciate.

After all, last night's high of singing along to Fix You, The Scientist and Yellow in a stadium of 11000 people was hardly boring.

It was a rush of blood to the head traveling at the speed of sound.

PS: That blown lightbulb in the end must have failed the SIRIM quality test and got shipped to Singapore by mistake...

PPS: For more on the concert, go to Su Yin and Strizzt.

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