Friday, 28 July 2006

Who's a Sucker for Meeting Lots of Bloggers?

Apparently, there's gonna be this BIG BIG gathering of bloggers tomorrow at 3pm Burger King, KLCC.

The list of attendees looks pretty promising, and includes some very familiar (and femes) names like Fireangel, Suanie, Yvonne Foong, Smashpop, and a whole lot more.

In fact, if the list on Jayelle's blog is correct, then there's gonna be about 60 bloggers coming (61 if I manage to tear myself away from the hot chick I'm gonna be interviewing earlier that day. eheh.). Now that's A LOT of bloggers. And cameras. And at least one laptop (no prizes for guessing whose that is, heh).

So, if you wanna meet a lot of bloggers whom you may never meet in person, or if you wanna see how FA is like in real life (she's the same as on her blog lar. Well, sort of), or if you are just a sucker for crowds, then hop on over to Jayelle's blog for more details, or to tell her you're coming.

Or if you're shy, just turn up unannounced, that works as well. Heh.

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