Thursday, 31 August 2006

Malaysia Gembira Eyeris Gembira

Tahun lepas, gua manyak rajin tulis belog dalam BM. sampai satu belog sama itu Bar-Tepi pun tukar jadi BM.

Tahun ni... gua manyak malas lar. Mau tulis sumua dalam BM gua pun pening kepala. Jadi, izinkanlah gua tulis ini pos pasal itu Projek Malaysia Gembira dalam Bahasa Penjajah, ok?

Anyway, like I said, this post is my Project Happy Malaysia post. Now, I know I'm supposed to write a story. But unlike Vincent, I totally suck at telling stories. So I'm gonna do things MY way.
In. Point. Form.

Food, glorious food - Once, a friend of mine went to Europe for a while. When his mom visited him, she brought him this BIG packet of belacan. So of course he damn happy lar. So one day, he decided to fry some vege with belacan. After a lot of chee-chee-char-char frying the vege, two of his neighbors came by. One, a gwailou couple, came over and asked him "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT AWFUL SMELL ARE YOU FRYING YOUR SHOES?" The other, a fellow Malaysian student, came by and ask, "Eh, can give me some Belacan ar?"

Heck, with food like Nasi Lemak, Asam Laksa, chicken rice, satay, rojak, sambal petai, char kuay teow, nasi kandar,Hokkien Char, kari kepala ikan, tempoyak ikan, pasembor, wantan mee, cendol, durian, ABC, prawn mee, char siew... it's no wonder we bring our belacan and maggi mee everywhere we go...

Which language? - Once upon a time, a friend of mine went to Penang, and didn't know how to say 'one char koay teow' in Hokkien. Now, why he didn't try it in Mandarin I don't know, but he ended up going "Char Koay Teow Tak Mau Telur, tak mau tauge, tak mau 'si ham' satu" to the old Chinese uncle cook. And the best part is, the uncle just selamba nodded and got his order COMPLETELY RIGHT.

Then there is the Indian Nasi Kandar guy who took my orders in perfect Mandarin, and this Malay girl I know who could sing the entire Kuch Kuch Hota Hai song perfectly, and used to borow my Jacky Cheung CDs as well.

I just love how language in Malaysia is such a given thing now. No matter which race we are, you'd understand each other perfectly, and if one language doesn't work, you can use another. I've interviewed Malaysian artistes based in Taiwan and all, and when I speak to them in Malaysian slang, their eyes just LIGHT UP and they look a lot happier.

I can't think of anything else right now. My head is a blur from too much troll and ogre whacking. So I'll use my usual cop-out line right now - I'll Add More if I Think of More.

But then again, there ARE too many happy things I like about this place. Sure, there may be lots of stupid stuff as well, but heck, I would rather have a messy but not OVER chaotic country, than a boring one, or a war-torn one anytime. Overly optimistic? Who cares? To me, I'm happy now, because, like what I always tell myself: THINGS COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE.

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