Friday, 25 August 2006

Manga Floodgates Bleached and Reopened

Oh, what have I done? I've opened the floodgates again.

It was supposed to be just a supper date with Erna, (who got herself a new URL, BTW). But I had not reckoned on a chance glimpse of a rows of shelves filled with brightly colored books.

And from there onwards, all it took was was a step inside, a flip through, an inquiry and RM30; and I was hooked again.

Hooked to what? To THIS:

Or One to Ten of the BLEACH manga series, I mean.

So much for the The Manga Sayonara eh? All it took was for me to opened an 'account' at a comics rental store to get me back to the habit of reading book after book of manga again. Sigh.

I was reading those ten books of Bleach until 4am last night, and it brings back fond memories of reading City Hunter, Slam Dunk, Dragonball and so on until the wee hours of the night until I forgot to study for my uni exams. It also reminded me that my Chinese vocabulary definitely needs brushing up.

Anyway, the reason I opened this particular account was because of the system it has. In the past, I had to pay at least RM40-50 if I wanted to borrow a set of 10 books (each book had a deposit, and I also had to pay a rental fee on top of it). And that was on top of the 'account' deposit I had to pay as well, to become a member.

This shop? All I had to pay was RM30, and I could borrow any ten books at one go, with one week to finish it and return it, WITHOUT having to pay anything else on top of that RM30.

Not only do I save money, the system also makes sure that people don't borrow the ENTIRE SET OF 30 BOOKS IN THE SERIES and thus leaving others with no chance to read it. By making sure peopel can only borrow 10 books at one go and giving them only a week to finish them, at least it keeps the book circulation going. Whatever I mean by that. You get the picture.

Anyway, I'm done with my ten Bleach books. Now to go back for the next ten.... :D And if my past manga reading habits are any indication, I think I'll be spending more and more time reading manga after this....

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