Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Nachos and The Hot Chica

This movie:

Is incredibly stupid.

Sure, it has its moments here and there, is funny in parts, and that Mexican actress is one hot chica...

Ok so she plays a nun. She's still hot. See here:

Anyway, I actually had high hopes for this movie (ok, maybe not THAT high. its a Jack Black + Nickelodean movie after all) because it even has the director of THIS movie:

But seriously. Compared to Nacho Libre, Napolean Dynamite actually has more CLASS.

I know.
No, really.

At least Napolean Dynamite had THAT dance sequence. And the line: "Vote for me, and all your wildest dreams will come true." And a llama.

Nacho Libre? Oklar, it had a few genuinely funny parts. But I wouldn't pay to watch the movie. Go borrow a DVD or something.

Unless of course, seeing Jack Black waving his spandex-clad ass around on the BIG screen is your kind of thing, then go ahead, pay for it....

Me, I think I'll go watch some South Park to cleanse my memory of that traumatising image...

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