Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Project Happy Malaysia 2006!

Remember THIS?:

Well, Vincent decided to do something a little different this year for Merdeka Day, so now we have THIS:

What's this project about? Well, in his own words HERE:

I decided, for this year, my project would be to make Malaysia, happy. You see, above all the complaints of racism, there are simple stories like this that warms your heart. Above all the complaints of corruption, there are powerful stories like this that bring a smile to your face.

We all have a story to tell - else we would not be Malaysians. I do not for one second believe that in all our time in this country we do not have a heart warming story about Malaysia from our own personal experience. It can be anything that contradicts the general (bad) stereotype - stuffs like a clean cop, an efficient government servant, and a considerate Penang-driver. Whatever it is, tell us the story!

I want to compile a list like I did last year, so do leave a comment if you intend on doing it on Merdeka Day (or heck, any other day). I will check your blog on Merdeka Day and publish the complete list here. Spread the word, folks!

Yup, what we want this year is not for you to figure out how to translate the F-word into Malay, but to tell us a story about something, someone, or an event that made you happy that you are living in Malaysia.

Doesn't have to be long, or too elaborate. As long as it brings a smile to anyone who reads it, and inspire THEM to come up with a story of their own as well, it'll do.

After you've done it, you can either comment here with the link to your story, or go to Vincent's blog to comment, and we'll compile the list after Merdeka.

Come one people, sporitng sikit. God knows we've got too many people complaining already, lets get happy for a change!

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