Wednesday, 16 August 2006

A Short Recap of Vodka and Vacations

Yeah, I haven't been updating the past week, a combination of having to actually do some work, and going holidaying in Bangkok with the family.

So yeah. That's why lar no update.

Anyway, ever wondered why big things always seem to happen when you're away and have no access to the Internet/newspapers? For example, this time around, I've only been away from the Internet for five days, and there's a ceasefire somewhere in the Middle East, some rich American guy has bought over a half-rate EPL football club (ok, maybe this isn't so big after all); and most shocking of all, Fireangel's drowned a gummy bear in Absolut Vodka. Oi, next time use cheaper vodka lar. Or use samsu.

Oh, and how was Bangkok? It was fun. Been ages since I've gone for a vacation with my family, and let's just say that it was fun AND frustrating at the same time, as all family vacations often are. Sat in tuk-tuks. Ate a lot. Drank lots of beer. Shopped a little.

I also got lots of chances to fool around with my camera more this time around though, and take some shots that were impossible to take with the kecik camera I had the last time. I'm still trying to figure out the damn camera though. I think I need professional help. With the camera I mean. Eep.

So yeah, that pretty much wraps up the update for now. Will post later when I think of something more er.. substantial to write about, ok?

Back to work. Blah.

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