Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Why Jimmy Stays Not in Malaysia

This story is giving me grief in more ways than one:

Malaysia wants the Jimmy Choos to come home

Come home – that is message the Government wants to send out to those who have ventured abroad and made names for themselves internationally in designing, modelling, singing and acting.

“There are many with the experience in Broadway. We have Malaysians who are top models in New York and London. We have people with the experience in fashion designing,” he said.

He noted that these people were experts in their fields and that the country would benefit by having them back.

Sure. Back here. Back in a land:
  • Where there is no Broadway, no West End,
  • Where movies like Scenario and Remp-It sell more tickets than Schindler's List or Gladiator.
  • Where rock stars were asked to cut their long hair short if they wanted to go on radio or TV
  • Where movies were banned by people who never even watched the movie
  • Where singers aren't supposed to run or jump around on stage
  • Where piracy is so rife that singers flee to other countries where their CDs will sell better
  • Where locals authors are looked down upon because they are 'not international authors'
  • Where a stupid engagement announcement is on the front page of papers, and the wedding is aired on national TV

Oh, and what's this about trying to build some stupid complex in London so that our MALAYSIAN athletes can go to ENGLAND to train? So when they make it in the international sports scene, are we gonna ask them to come back and run in the Sukma? Are we going to ask any pro footballers who make it in Europe to come back to play in the M-League?

Welcome to the land of contradictions, folks. It's nice most of the time, but sometimes drives you nuts.

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