Friday, 29 September 2006

A Circle of Fragile Wallets in Kinokuniya

Note to self: DO NOT go to Kinokuniya on the exact same day your salary comes in.

I made that 'mistake' today, and ended up spending close to 200 bucks on a few books,

At first I was only there to pick up a Japan Lonely Planet book, but then I made the mistake of walking over to the fantasy section and seeing this:

Godammit, I didn't even know Gaiman had a new book out until. And suffice to say, I immedietely grabbed it. And to think I wanted to buy the new Terry Brooks book (Armageddon's Children) instead at first...

Note to self again: DO NOT go to Kinokuniya on the exact same day your salary comes in, or you'll end up grabbing books of shelves without any kind of hesitation.

Then, there was this book:

I'm finishing The 13 and 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear soon, and I liked the craziness of that bok so much that I picked this up as soon as I could.

Oh, and my monthly graphic novel fix this month is this:

My friend recommended Kabuki to me ages ago, but I had not seen the first book (Circle of Blood) in Kino until now, so I decided to get it this time around before it disappeared again.

Now, as elated as I am with all my new books, it is also time for me to nurse my sore wallet now. And Wintersmith isn't even out yet...

:-( :-(

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