Thursday, 28 September 2006

Fireangel and the Lame Anime Story

FireAngel: omg dying.
FireAngel: need tonnes of distraction but i can't focus on work.
eyeris: peanut butter jelly time!
eyeris: peanut butter jelly time!
eyeris: peanut butter jelly time!
FireAngel: there ya go there ya go!
eyeris: peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!
eyeris: peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!
eyeris: peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!
FireAngel: hahaha not working.
eyeris: damn, not working huh?
eyeris: must change tactik
eyeris: hehe
FireAngel: not workingggggggggggggg.
FireAngel: next netx nexttttttt
FireAngel: tell me a story!
eyeris: oh dear
eyeris: remember the last time i told you a story?

once upon a time, there was this Naruto dude. He was walking along the street (or rather, jumping along) and he saw this hugeass bottle of Sake.

FireAngel: jumping. lol. then

Then, being the busybody he is, he decided to climb up the bottle (it was a REALLY HUGE ASS bottle). When he got to the top, he saw this orange haired dude all dressed in black, eating some sushi.

There being not much space on top of the bottle, Naruto decided to tell the orange haired dude to get the f*ck out.


"Oi oi, baka, get the f*ck outdatebayor" said Naruto. "i want to drink the sake".

The orange haired dude looked at him, then said, "baka, you wanna come up, come and fight me lar"

FireAngel: WAhkakakakka... english mix jap damn best

so Naruto, biasalar, damn gian wanna fight wan. (ever since Sasuke dissappeared, Naruto's had no one to fight. Those enemies in the fillers damn char siew wan), so he go fight lor.


but wait, the orange hair guy not yet even tell name, Naruto attack oledi. So the orange haired dude roll his eyes, and then drew out this HUGEASS SABRE, ALL BLACK WAN.

Naruto took one look at it, and decided to use his kagebunshin nojutsu. Suddenly HUNDREDS of Narutos appeared!

But then hor, because there is no space on top of the sake bottle. all the kagebunshin fell down and dissappeared. Left with the original Naruto standing there looking sheepish.

FireAngel: HAhahah what a dumbasssss!

so. Just as the orange hair dude was going to chop Naruto into charsiew, suddenly there was a HUGE puff of smoke!

FireAngel: oooooooh

both naruto and ichigo were so terkejut that they had to jump off the sake bottle and were left hanging on the edge, and when the smoke cleared.... there was one person standing in the middle.... or rather, SOMETHING was standing in the middle...

jeng jeng jeng...
it was...

FireAngel: FROG BOSS?


FireAngel: WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFffffffffffffffff
Eyeris: You can tell this story is pretty muh out of whack, ahaha

So it was that Godzilla appeared on top of the bottle of sake, and Ichigo and Naruto were left hanging off the edges. Thankfully for them, all Godzilla wanted was to stomp some buildings and not drink sake, so the fella jumped off the bottle of sake and went to stomp Tokyo.

FireAngel: -_-"""""''''''
eyeris: lamest story on earth!
FireAngel: no ending one?

ok, now that the top of the bottle of sake was empty, Ichigo and naruto climbed back up. But lo and behold, there was this cun chick sitting there, staring at them...

FireAngel: HARRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr
FireAngel: suddenly
FireAngel: from nowhere!

"eh, how come suddenly you here wan?" asked Ichigo.

The cun chick said, "Oh, that godzilla hor, just now he was fighting King Kong somewhere, then suddenly from nowhere some stupid wizard wave a wand at him, then POOF both of us disappeared and appeared here"

FireAngel: then then then
FireAngel: ?!??!
FireAngel: both of us?
FireAngel: she was a kingkong + godzilla spawn? wtf.
eyeris: the girl and godzilla la. -_-"
FireAngel: ALIEN!!!!1one.
FireAngel: oh oh ohhhhh..
FireAngel: then then then

"Eh, what were you doing in the middle of a king kong and godzilla fight lardatebayor?" asked Naruto.

"Oh, at first I thought they were fighting over me. but then I found out they were both gay, and they were actually fighting over ultraman. I just HAPPENED to be there" she said sheepishly.

FireAngel: omg
FireAngel: wahkakakaka

"So, you two baka want to fight over me instead?" asked the girl.

So, Inchigo and Naruto looked at each other, then back at the girl, and then at the bottle of sake; and then together, they said, "Nah, we'd rather just drink the sake", and booted the girl off the bottle.

FireAngel: SAKE!
FireAngel: PWN!

and then they looked at each other again....

FireAngel: FIGHT!

and then Ihicgo said, "Eh, I damn tired oledi lar. first that Godzilla come, then that girl come, I damn potong stim oledi. lazy to fight liao. Seee, my sword also lazy oledi."

Then Naruto said, "yalar. just now that nine-tail fox damn gian wanna fight wan. but now he also potong stim go back to sleep oledi"

FireAngel: sian

"I know I know! lets play rock paper scissors! Who win get to drink the sake!" said Naruto. so Ichigo, thought about it for a while, and agreed.

"ONE... TWO..." said Naruto, when both of them had their hands behind their backs...

"And THREE!!!" shouted Naruto, pulling his hands out from behind his back, revealing a 'paper' sign.

And at the same time, Inchigo pulled out his BIG MOTHERF**KING BLACK SABRE and CHOPPED Naruto in half and kicked both halves off the bottle.

As he looked down at the falling Naruto halves, he posed with his sword, very cool pose, and said, "Sorry baka. Sword beats paper. "


eyeris: gyahaha
eyeris: eh, no applause?
eyeris: sien
eyeris: i feel so under appreciated
FireAngel: *APPLAUSE* APPLAUSE*!!!!!!!11111one
FireAngel: lol

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