Wednesday, 20 September 2006

From Flowers and Grasshoppers to Tanks and Guns

Life has a strange way of turning out sometimes, doesn't it?

If I had come back a mere one day later, you wouldn't be seeing pictures of grasshoppers and flowers on the blog, but of tanks and guns.

Funny thing is, the whole time I was there there were no signs at all. At least, not to MY uninformed eye lah (truth be told I was probably too preoccupied with er... 'work' to notice anything out of the ordinary anyway). So it was quite a shock to get an SMS last night, exactly 24 hours after I arrived home from Bangkok, saying "Tanks on streets in Bangkok. Watch CNN now. You missed the fun".

As far as near misses go, this one may not have been THAT near, in fact, it is probably nowhere near being 'near' at all; but heck, somehow I doubt being in the middle of a military coup would be any fun at all. Even if it IS a peaceful one.

But still, I couldn't help thinking this anyway, "Damn, I missed it by one day. If I were still there, what a damn good story/blog post it would have been, eh?

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