Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Uncool Reading for the Cool Guy

The other day I heard the most brilliant comment ever.

"Why you read so much har? Reading is not cool ok? If chicks see you reading books, they won't wanna go out with you."

Suffice to say, the commenter was a guy. A really clueless guy.

Reading is not cool, eh? So what's your definition of 'cool'? Having a smoking stick hanging out of your mouth all the time? souping up your car with blue lights and blaring loud music? Starting a blog to become famous? Driving an SLK? Dressing up like a hip-hop star going yo yo yo all the time? Using lameass pickup lines? Going to clubs every night to look 'happening'?

So, it's 'cooler' to be intellectually-inept from NOT reading then? So you think it'll be easier to pull chicks when the most intellectual book you've read is The Hardy Boys because 'They were MEN, dude.' ? RIGHT...

Reading is cool, ok? It makes you look intellectual, and shows you actually have a brain beneath all that gelled dyed hair. Oklar, maybe in your eyes being seen with a book is not as cool as being seen in some Beemer or a SLK; but heck, I'd rather be able to strike up a conversation with a girl PROPERLY, rather than just sidling up to her and going, "Hey, How you doing? Wanna take a ride in my SLK?". How shallow did you think she is?

Of course, that does not mean EVERY book makes you look cool lar. For instance, here are some books that would definitely NOT make a guy look cool if caught reading them:
  • Any book with pictures of naked women on the cover: No it does not make you look cool neither does it make you seem as if you're a god in bed. It just makes you look like a perv.
  • Chic Lit and Romance: What, you trying to get in touch with your feminine side ar?
  • Any book by Dan Drown: EVERYBODY is bloody reading his stuff. So it's not cool anymore. He sucks anyway.
  • Leonardo Di Caprio: The Unofficial Autobiography: GAH!
  • Wayne Rooney: My Story So Far: Football + Books = cool, right? Wrong. especially when it comes to THIS piece of trash. If looking like a bandwagonist Manyoo fan who only supports the club because of Looney isn't bad enough, you'd also be killing your brain cells reading a meaningless autobiography of a shallow 20-year-old kid who probably didn't (or couldn't) write a single sentence to save his life.
  • Sex for Dummies - Nuff said'

Now, if you're not gonna read my Artemis Fowl, then return it or I'll put a spell on you.

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