Thursday, 12 October 2006

Batman and Wolverine Do Magic (And Scarlett Johansson)

My memory's going nuts I tell you. Last week I managed to mistake a Wednesday for Tuesday and forgot a dinner date. Then yesterday, because I'd been on leave for the last five days, I thought it was Monday.

Then today, I woke up in the morning thinking FOR THE LIFE OF ME that I had to go to the office EARLY and then go and catch some Chinese movie at 1oam. I got up, went to office at freaking 7am in the morning, worked a bit, and then went to Mid Valley GSC only to realise that today was the 12th and the damn Chinese movie is TOMORROW.

At least I got to watch The Prestige, even though I didn't even know the preview was today. Yeah, The Prestige.

No, it's not a car.

Not too bad a movie, actually. In fact, I reckon it's most certainly better than that whatever Nothing is Impossible Chinese movie I'll be watching tomorrow morning.

Never heard of The Prestige? Don't worry. I hadn't either, until just now.

Oh, I DID hear mutterings previously about some movie about magicians directed by that bloke who did Batman Begins last year, and starring Batman himself (along with his butler Alfred), Wolverine, Gollum, Ziggy Stardust and Scarlett "Va Va Voom" Johansson. In fact, I think I even saw the trailer once, and thought it was a horror movie. Bleh.

No, it's NOT a horror movie either.

It actually goes like this: Batman and Wolverine are rival magicians, and the whole movie revolves around them doing magic, doing Scarlet Johansson, and doing each ot... er.. I mean OUT-doing each other. Michael Caine just stands around and pretends he's actually in the Batman Begins sequel.

Ok, so the story is slightly more than that, but it's best I don't say too much about it. The less you know about the plot the better. Macam gua. hehe.

Anyway, it's actually a pretty decent watch. I liked it. Intriguing plot. Hot chick. Magic. Suspense. Keeps you guessing (well, it got ME guessing at least). A little on the long side though, but I somehow really didn't feel the length at all. Maybe I was just relieved that I didn't have to watch Nothing is Impossible today (tomorrow STILL gotta go watch. Sigh).

That's it for now. It's Open Season tonight! Woot!

(Update: 11:39pm)

Open season SUCKS. Nuff said.

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