Monday, 30 October 2006

A Cute Chick Increases The Tao Factor

Although I have to attend quite a number of Chinese concerts in this line of work, normally you wouldn't catch me blogging or talking about any of them, let alone praising these concerts.

Fact is, I actually don't think very highly of most of the concerts I attend (whatever my reviews may say), unless of course they happen to be concerts by either Beyond or Jacky Cheung. Sad to say, while there have been exceptions, many of these concerts have been pretty predictable and boring, to say the least.

Which was why David Tao's concert last Saturday was such a breathe of fresh air.

The guy's got talent, I'll admit that. He writes his own songs, sings pretty well, can rock, can rap, and can play loads of music instruments. The songs he writes aren't half-bad either.

The concert? Some parts were predictable, usually when he started singing those predictable love baah-llads that Taiwanese singers are so fond of. But for the most part, he was actually pretty damn good, and versatile too.

For me, the best parts of the show were the rock segments and that acoustic session he had with three other musicians.

Oh, and although most people's eyes were probably glued to Tao himself (and in some cases, the music director :S ), I personally only had eyes for one person on stage:

Meet Ke Wei, one of the three backup vocalists (better known as the 'cute one') and also the resident Er Hu player. A cute chick who plays music, can sing AND can dance? Woot!

Too bad all my pictures of her turned out so blurry. Sigh...

That intro to Ghost on which she played the er-hu while another chick played the flute while standing on a high stage justaposed against a backdrop of psychedelic lights was possibly one of THE BEST intros to a song I've seen in a concert this year.

So yeah, surprisingly, although I'd gone prepared to hate it, I ended up enjoying myself st the concert on Saturday night. After all, good music + cute chick... who can resist?

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