Friday, 27 October 2006

The Faithful Departure from The Infernal Affair

Or Why I prefer Infernal Affairs to The Departed:

  • Infernal Affairs captivated me more, The Departed, not so much (though I think it's because I'd already known the story before I watched The Departed, having already watched Infernal Affairs, obviously).
  • I think I also connect with the more Asian slant of Infernal Affairs than with the Hollywood/Western/American style of The Departed.
  • Somehow, even all the F-Words in The Departed seem lame beside the more penetrating and hard-hitting dialogue in Infernal Affairs (though you'd have to know Cantonese to understand them).
  • Infernal Affairs more stylo-milo. I also prefer it's darker and more subtle atmosphere.
  • Story is the same, but I prefer the way Infernal Affairs plays it out
  • Somehow, the characters in Infernal Affairs had a lot more depth in them.
  • Anthony Wong. Nuff said.
  • Tony Leung. Nuff' said.
  • The Leung/Di Caprio character was developed better in Infernal Affairs, IMHO.
  • Matt Damon was ok though. He was almost as slick and oily as Andy Lau.
  • Damn cacat Cantonese in The Departed.
  • Bloody censors also spoiled it for The Departed. Why don't they GET IT that this kind of thing will only make MORE people wanna go get the pirated version instead...
  • Somehow, although Jack Nicholson was great, having the short and squeaky-voiced Eric Tsang as Eric Tsang as the crime boss made it seem a lot more 'unique' and menacing, as unbelivable as that may seem.
Yes yes, lemme hear all the "but it's a different film", "It's not supposed to be a copy of IA" rebuttals. But really, Martin, when your story is almost exactly the same as the film you're 'remaking', you really can't escape comparisons.

Let's get this straight. Some people like one to the other. Some people don't care. ME, I think that there is no point comparing the two, but I just prefer one to the other, that's all.

HOWEVER, although The Departed is definitely NOT Infernal Affairs; The Departed is also NO Infernal Affairs either...

Go figure.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go watch Infernal Affairs!!!

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