Monday, 16 October 2006

How I Usually Decide What Music to 'Acquire'

1) Recommendations by colleagues and friends
2) Songs name-checked by my favorite bands (case in point: Snow Patrol mentioning Sufjan Stevens, and Jimmy Eat World singing about Heatmiser)
3) Modern Rock charts (I don't bother with the hip-hop infested singles charts)
4) Picked up from random blogs that tell you what they are listening to. (Favorite sources so far: Strizzt & Reta)
5) Frequently mentioned songs in imported music magazines (especially those with five star reviews in Q)
6) Music reviews in StarMag (usually those by Martin Vengadesan)
7) Songs heard on TV shows like CSI, House and so on; as well as certain anime themes (the theme from Witch Hunter Robin ROCKS)
8) Clash RedFM 104.9, 2pm, Sundays (I don't bother with radio stations in general)
9) Songs from movies I like
10) Random songs by usually unknown artistes that I see on Amazon's 'If You Liked This, You'll Like..." list

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