Monday, 2 October 2006

How to Give up Bad Coffee For Good: An Expert Guide

Recently, while being in a caffeine-deprived state and having had one too many weak-Nescafe 3-in-1's over the years, I decided to bite the beans and buy me a proper French Press to make PROPER coffee.

So, I hopped on over to San Francisco Coffee (no way I'm getting anything from Starsucks or Kopi Bin), and got myself a Bodum French Press in a tumbler (to keep my coffee hot!) and some ground coffee beans.

I love that tumbler. Not only does it ensure that I don't have to take Nescafe 3-in-1 anymore, it also has this sentence in BIG BIG LETTERS around it:


Ramen to that!

So, ahem, with new coffee-making device in hand, I shall now demonstrate how to make a nice cuppa coffee, the Eyeris way!

First of all, this is what I bought:

Bodum French Press/tumbler, 250g of Indian Monsoon ground coffee beans, and a bottle of Torani Hazelnut flavoured syrup.

I've been trying different types of coffee beans in the past few weeks. I've tried Mexican, French Roast, Kenyan, Costa Rican and now, Indian Monsoon. So far my favorite is the Costa Rican - it is SO smooth. Me likey.

Anyway, first up, pour the ground coffee beans into the tumbler:

Make sure you don't pour TOO MUCH, unless you wanna end up chewing damp ground coffee instead of drinking coffee:

Oh, and make sure that the coffee beans you pour in are grounded and meant for use with a French Press. WHOLE coffee beans won't be much use in a French Press... -_-"

Next, of course, pour in the hot water, and then STIR to make sure the coffee is well-distributed:

And then put the cap on.

Er, remember to put the cap on with the 'plunger' (no, not the one used with plumbing appliances, EWww.) raised lar. You don't need to press it just yet...

Now, leave the damn tumbler alone for the coffee to be ready, and now let's turn our attention to the coffee CUP, shall we?

My USUAL coffee cup in the office is one of those shiny stainless steel mugs that you can get from the pasar malam (although I bought that particular one in POLAND of all places). I like those mugs. They're cool. But they make a damn huge racket if you crop it on the floor. Well, at least they don't shatter into a million pieces of tiny china or glass.

AAAANYWAY, back to the coffee.

I like MY coffee with a lot of milk. So naturally, put milk lor...

If you like sugar, with your coffee, by all means, put some as well. Me, I don't put THAT much sugar, but since I have my Torani Hazelnut syrup, I shall put THAT instead...

Yum yum. My very own cup of coffee with hazelnut flavour. Yum.

Now, after all that, the coffee should be ready to be poured.

First, of course, press the plunger down so you push the ground coffee beans to the BOTTOM and makes sure it stays there (so you won't be chewing ground coffee together with your drink. Orange juice with sacs is good. Coffee with bits of coffee beans floating around is not).

And now, the final step: POUR THE COFFEE!

And VOILA! MY very own cup of GOOD coffee, made at home! woot woot!

Now, the only downside to making coffee like this is the cleaning up afterwards. The coffee beans at the bottom of the tumbler is damn messy to clean. Sigh. Oh well, no pain no gain eh? At least I don't have to drink Nescafe 3-in-1 anymore (unless I'm too broke to buy coffee beans lor...)...

Now, let's all sing the Eyeris Coffee Song together-gether.. ah one, ah two, ah one two three:


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