Tuesday, 31 October 2006

An Irritating Insertion of An Insipid Word


- bland (lacking taste or flavor or tang)
- A term used to describe coffee which has lost its flavour due to prolonged exposure to oxygen in the atmosphere
- Lacking qualities that excite, stimulate, or interest; dull.

I got into a TINY argument with someone today after one of the lines in my story was was taken out, and replaced with one that had this word in it.

Now, literally, the original line and her 'correction' has the same meaning, but by using that word 'insipid', the entire context of the story was changed. I wouldn't have been so mad if she'd used the word 'bland', but that's another story.

Just like what I said in one of my old posts about phrases I don't like, there are also certain WORDS that I just don't like using while writing, due to personal preference. These are words that I absolutely HATE using, and which I would only use when I thoroughly dislike something.

You see, the meaning of the word 'Insipid' may be harmless enough, but I always try to avoid using it in a story unless I have negative reactions to the blandness of the subject. The word itself may mean something quite ordinary, but the SOUND of the word just seems so... NEGATIVE and EVIL. Probably because it sounds like the word 'INSIDIOUS', that's why.

Which is why I only use INSIPID if I think something is SO bland and ordinary that I HATE it. And no, it has nothing to do with the second definition above (the one with the reference to coffee).

PS: Hmmm... Maybe I should start a 'Word of the week' thingy here, where I just pinpoint words that I like or don't like. What do YOU think? An inspiring idea? Or an insipid one?

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