Thursday, 30 November 2006

Band Mixing Merriment

Ever wondered what you would get when you mix bands together?

Soundgarden + Rage Against The Machine = Audioslave
(Hit song: Cochise)

Guns 'N Roses + Stone Temple Pilots = Velvet Revolver
(Hit song: Slither)

Snow Patrol + Coldplay = Cold Snow
(Hit song: Yellow Cars)

Blink 182 + Matchbox 20 + Sum 41 = 243
(Hit song: Song No. 347)

Pearl Jam + Butterfingers = Marmalade
(Hit song: Oh Gardenia (You can't eat it on its own) )

Jimmy Eat World + Green Day = Jimmy Eat Greens
(Hit Song: Wake Me Up in The Middle of September)

The Eagles + The Byrds = The Feathered Buddies
(Hit song: I Twought I Thaw A Putty Tat)

My Chemical Romance + Our Lady Peace = Your Chemical Peace
(Hit Song: Helena is Innocent)

Rolling Stones + Beatles = Stoned Bug
(Hit song: Jumping Jack Pepper)


Sex Pistols + Beach Boys = Sexy Beach
(Hit Song: California Anarchy)

Metallica + Iron Maiden = Metal Maiden
(Hit Song: Enter Wicker Man)

Guns 'n Roses + Bon Jovi = Bons 'N Roses
(Hit song: It Always Rains in November)

Duran Duran + Wet Wet Wet = Wet Durian
(Hit song: Love is All Reflex)

Foo Fighters + Goo Goo Dolls = Foo Foo Dolls
(Hit Song: Everlong Way Down)

Good Charlotte + Simple Plan = Bad Idea
(Hit song: Lifestyles of Rich Kids)

Blur + Oasis = (unnamed)
(Hit Song: NONE. Band disbanded after one recording session)

Fall Out Boy + Panic! In The Disco = Disco Boy Panics And Falls
(Hit Song: I Can't Sing But I Want To Come Out With A Record Anyway Because The People Who Listen To Me Have No Taste And Can't Even Read Half The Words In Our Long Song Titles)

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