Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Craig Kicks Brosnan's Ass To Moonraker and Back

I'm one of those who thought Pierce Brosnan's James Bond movies sucked. So sue me. The only one I thought was ok was his first one, Goldeneye, and even then I thought it wasn't THAT good.

Oh, don't get me wrong, Brosnan was pretty ok as Bond I suppose - he had the looks, the arrogant air, the superior confidence about him that made him a convincing Bond. But somehow I never liked him much. Maybe he's just too... slick. And of course, it didn't help that the movies themselves sucked ass.

Which brings me to Casino Royale.

Casino Royale rocks. It's one of my favorite Bond films EVER. And I've watched quite a few, thanks to the ongoing 007 marathon on Astro.

It's supposed to be 007's FIRST mission, and boy does it pull off the whole 'origin of 007' thing well. We see him BEFORE he became this cold, calculating super-spy, when he was ordering drinks like Mount Gay With Soda (don't ask) instead of shaken Vodka Martinis.

Now, I've read the book before, and at the time I read it, I thought it would make a damn good film. The gambling parts, the torture scene... all elements of a damn good film.

I just wasn't sure they'd pull it off with Brosnan (who was Bond at the time). His torture scene in Die Another Day may have been painful, but you haven't seen a real EXCRUCIATING torture scene until you've seen the one in Casino Royale, which can only be described in one, over-drawn syllable: AAAAARRRGGGHHHH. That said, I think the guys would be cringing a lot more than the girls though....

Now, Daniel Craig... he pulls off this 'beginner' Bond damn well. He's not your conventional Bond, that's for sure.

Don't be fooled by the picture. He'll probably be known more as the Brawler Bond than the suave Bond. He's probably not half as good-looking as the other Bonds, but boy can he fight. In fact, Craig's Bond could probably take on every single one of them AT THE SAME TIME.

Blonde hair be damned, Craig is probably the most DANGEROUS Bond you'll ever see.

You look at Pierce Brosnan's eyes, you see this slick, oily, confident fella who looks more likely to try talking his way out of a situation than to kill everyone. You look at Craig's eyes, and you see this lean, mean killing machine who could kill you just by staring at you, and probably would too.

And THAT is what a guy with a License To Kill is supposed to look like. Who cares if he's good looking or not?

Oooh, and have I mentioned the Bond girls this time around?

Hubba hubba. Drool drool drool.

PS: Some idiot at the screening this morning got the sequence of the reels wrong, and we ended up watching the ending of the film in the middle. Luckily I already knew the story. Or else I'd have killed the guy in the projector room. By staring at him.

PSS: Best part was, one clueless fella thought that it was all part of the film, and was going, "Wah, that flashback in the end damn long hor?" -_-"""

PSSS: Damn now I can't get the James Bond theme out of my head...

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