Monday, 27 November 2006

A Dream of Endless Statues

Unlike many people who reply 'Don't know' to the question "What do you want for Christmas/your Birthday?", I have no doubts at all about what I want as gifts.

Whether I can get them or not is another question altogether.

For instance, one of my greatest wishes is to get a whole set of these:

Never mind the whole Sandman bust set (which also includes the Corinthians, and Lucifer), if I can get the busts of Dream, Death or Delirium, I'd be a happy puppy. If all you can find is Despair... er... don't bother lah. hehe. so picky hor?

Failing that, I'd be pretty happy if someone rich would get me this instead:

This is relatively easier to find (there's one in Kinokuniya after all). HOWEVER, this ceramic statue, produced in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of Sandman, costs more than RM300...

Anyone rich (and gullible) wanna buy that for me? :D :D

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