Tuesday, 7 November 2006

From Rockstar Supernova to LameStar Sappynova

Yo Ryan Star,

How the bloody hell did you go from Rockstar Supernova to Lamestar Sappynova? Your album Songs from the Eye of An Elephant has TWENTY bloody songs, and ALL of them sound almost the same.

You know that Back of Your Car song you sang on TV? I thought that was a pretty good song. Lyrics a bit lame, but the tune and the rocking riffs were damn cun. Heck, even your version of Losing My Religion was pretty damn good. Based on those two songs, I was actually hoping for a good, rocking album from you.

But on this album, you turned Back of Your Car into some lameass piano ting tong ting tong ting tong thing that sounds more like a bloody karaoke lounge singer's song than a rock star's song, and sounds exactly like the other 19 songs on the album.

In fact, it doesn't sound like an album of 20 songs at all, it just sounds like one bloody LONG song, all tinkly tinkly piano and nothing else.

What, you heard that that stupid MLTR band from Denmark became popular in Malaysia because of their love songs, so you also want to follow their example is it? Please lar. If this album of sappy love songs is the best you can come up with, no wonder even a lameass band like Supernova gave you a miss.

Look, I have no doubt you probably have talent and all, and the live album you released after Rockstar Supernova is probably better than this one. Heck, maybe if I listened to this album one song at a time instead of all at the same time, maybe a few songs might actually stand out.

But still... your next album, at least try to add some songs that don't sound the same as the rest lar. You're supposed to be a ROCKER for gods sake! Dark Horse konon...

Oh, your showcase at Zouk next week better not be all those slow sappy songs ok? At least give us a nice rocking version of Back of Your Car, ok? Or else I might as well stay in my car and listen to My Chemical Romance instead.

Or then again, maybe I'll just go to Zouk for the chicks...

PS: Apparently, according to Suanie, Songs from the Eye of an Elephant was released BEFORE Rockstar Supernova...in which case, Ryan, PLEASE don't go and release another album like that... And please stick to the rocking version of Back of Your Car, kthxbai.

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