Tuesday, 14 November 2006

How To Bengangify a Fireangel

Chats with Fireangel always seem to give me the weirdest ideas for posts.

Take this for instance: The Most Meaningless Conversation In the World. That definitely ranks as one of the silliest posts I ever 'wrote'. And what about these two stories I wrote for her while chatting online?

- The Origins of Fireangel the Superbabe!
- Fireangel and the Lame Anime Story

Anyway, we were chatting again yesterday, and midway through a conversation about my Bailey's + Milk + Coffee + Hazelnut syrup drink (of which I make one big thermos full of and keep in my fridge for er... casual drinking), in which she called me an 'alchoholic' (which is funny, since she goes out and drink more than I do), I was "inspired" to come up with this:

eyeris: milk is good for you
eyeris: alcohol is good shit
eyeris: therefore, milk + alcohol is good shit
eyeris: good shit that is good for you

And that was not all. After that, we were talking about READING (of all innocent things)... well, it went a little like this:

FireAngel: but reading is good rite.
eyeris: reading is good
eyeris: drugs are bad
eyeris: reading is not a drug
eyeris: so it's good
FireAngel: ......
FireAngel: your logic bengangifies me

Yes, the extent of my genius for the most irreverant things baffles me sometimes. But with all my brilliance for making things up, I could never make up a word as ingenious as 'bengangifies'. Gahaha.

Anyway, continuing in the spirit of bengangification, without further ado, here is a short list of:

How To Bengangify a Fireangel

  • Alcohol is Good. Milk is Good For You. Therefore Alcohol + Milk is especially good for you.
  • Reading is Good. Drugs are bad. Reading is not a drug. Therefore Reading is good.
  • Rocks are hard. Rolls are Soft. Therefore, Rock & Roll is half hard and half soft.
  • Petrol is expensive. Cars need petrol. Therefore Cars are expensive.
  • Ghosts are lifeless. Balls are always round every season. Therefore, the Hantubola folks have no lives all season round.
  • Neil Gaiman is Cool. Terry Pratchett is funny. Therefore, Good Omens is cool AND funny.
  • Transformers are cool. Michael Bay is not. Therefore, The Transformers live-action Movie is Not Cool.
  • Lord of The Rings is Fantasy. Harry Potter is not Lord of The Rings. Therefore, Harry Potter is not Fantasy.
  • Fire is hot. Angels are heavenly. Therefore Fireangel is hot and heavenly (ceh wah, next round of chicken rice is on you!)

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