Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Judging A Trilogy By Its Covers

I liked this montage I made from the covers of Nix's Old Kingdom books so much.....

.... that I decided to look for more book covers of trilogies or series that had similar themes and compile them into similar pictures as well.

I especially like the UK covers for Robin Hobb's books, they make for cool montages:

I also like Glenda's original covers for the Isles of Glory:

I hate to say this, Glenda, but the US covers really suck. :P :P

Best of all, all the above are really good books too. Who says you can't judge a trilogy from its covers, eh?

And it's not the trilogies that have cool covers. Check these out as well:

No, Lady Friday is not out yet, and won't be until at least March next year. :-(

I DID stop short of making montages for Jordan's books though. Not worth wasting my time over those...

Any other covers worth looking out for?

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