Wednesday, 22 November 2006

The Only Reasons I Watch Channel [V] (and it ain't the music)

For want of something more er... deep to blog about, allow me to indulge in some shallow hot chick worshipping, and to show you why I've always preferred Channel [V] over MTV in the past few years:

Woot woot! I tell you, whoever hires the VJs over at Chanel [V] really knows how to pick 'em.

Exit Paula, Amanda and Cindy, enter Maya & recently, Marion.

And thank Channel [V] for Sarah Tan, the hottest babe on Astro:

And in case you were wondering, well, for me, MTV's never been the same since Sonia Couling left:

Male VJs? What are those?

PS: The first two montages above were made from pictures off NewMan magazine, which has waaay better pictures of hot babes than that OTHER men's magazine in the market, which always seem to make even the hottest babes look like they need plastic surgery.

PSS: The Sarah Tan one was from Plan B magazine. The rest of the pictures were Googled...

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