Friday, 3 November 2006

The Wheel of Blissfully Ignorant Times

If I'd never read the first five books of The Wheel of Time, I would never have known how good fantasy novels could actually be.

If I'd never read the subsequent books of Wheel of Time, I would never have known how long-winded and pointless the series was getting and start hantaming it to high heavens.

If I'd never got so frustrated with Wheel of Time that it 'forced' me to start reading Discworld, I'd never have discovered Terry Pratchett

If I'd never read Terry Pratchett, I would never have discovered Good Omens

If I'd never read Good Omens, I'd never have discovered Neil Gaiman's books

If I'd never read Neil Gaiman's books I'd never have discovered his website and his blog.

If I'd never read his blog, I would never have read this post and known that Robert Jordan's real name is actually Jim Rigney, and that he is actually very seriously ill

If I had never followed this link on the post, I wouldn't have known that Rigney was suffering from amyloidosis, a rare blood disease, and that he may not have long to live.

If I'd never done all that, I would not have felt so much guilt at hantaming the Wheel of Time so much right now.

Ignorance is bliss right?

It's strange how easy it is to criticise and lambast someone famous just because you don't know him. When I didn't know anything about the 'real life' Jordan, I was quite happy to just lambast his books and call him an oppurtunisic author milking his fans for all its worth by not finishing his books quickly.

Then again, it's easy to criticise people when we are blissfully ignorant of what the person is like in real life, isn't it?

I suppose from now on, I'll feel an additional twinge of guilt whenever I'm criticising The Wheel of Time. (Doesn't change my feelings about the Wheel of Time series though. I still think he's losing the plot, and that the middle books are still pretty much pointless).

Oooh, the guilt, the guilt!

PS: With all due respect though, I do wish the best for Mr Jordan's health, and that despite my criticisms, he is still a pretty damn good writer... I only wish that he'd just finish his damn series...

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