Monday, 18 December 2006

And on to books....

Week Three of December, and it's time to get into the third 'theme' for my year end lists - BOOKS!

Yay, Books!

Now, I was thinking about what kind of lists to come up with for books, and I realised that making lists for books is actually a lot harder than doing it for movies and music. Because, well, there are only so many books one can read in a year. Unless you're Sharon Bakar, of course. Or all you read are Ladybird or Enid Blyton books. Or comics. or Dang Brown.

Anyway, I'm not gonna pretend I know ALL about the books that were published this year, so I'm gonna focus on what I DO know - namely the books I've read in the genre I prefer: FANTASY (which will also comprise of books for both adult and young readers, BTW).

So... if you're looking for a year-end review on high-literature, chic lit, or Darn Brown illustrated books, then you're reading the wrong blog. But if you like magic, dragons and made-up worlds, then by all means, read on. :D

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta first THINK of what lists to come up with. If ever.

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