Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Eyeris' 2006 Book Lists: The Eyeris Bookstore Awards

After some thought, I decided that instead of having awards for specific BOOKS (which, since I've not read that many, will only consist of the same books over and over again, much like my movie and music lists...), I shall have lists for book-RELATED topics instead.

So, I shall now kick off with...

The Rather-Biased Eyeris Bookstore Awards 2006

Best Major Bookstore:

Kinokuniya, KLCC - For being so convenient for me to get to, the atmosphere, the good selection of graphic novels, and the good fantasy section. Oh, and all those 20% discounts!

Best Secondhand Bookstore:
Payless Books, Ampang Point - It's a BIG store, and I love wandering around here. You never know what you're gonna get!

Best Customer Loyalty Scheme:
Times Bookstore: For just ten bucks a year, you can get 10% discounts of books, and 5% of magazines! (MPH card is pointless lar. Collect points for what? I don't buy THAT many books!)

Most Annoying Display:
MPH 1 Utama - The PERMANENT display of Dang Brown paperbacks and illustrated books just behind the 'New Arrivals' shelf near the entrance. For god's sake, get rid of it already. It's been there since last year!

Best Reading Atmosphere:
MPH 1 Utama: It's relatively quiet, and I love the benches around the pillar at the fantasy section.

Most Up-To-Date Books:
Kinokuniya, KLCC - For consistently being the first bookstore in KL to stock the books I want. I've bought more new books there on whims than from anywhere else.

Most Clueless Staff:
MPH: For asking this question - "Who Is Terry Pratchett?"

Sneeziest Environment:
The Secondhand Bookstore on level 3 of Amcorp Mall: Everytime I go in there I start sneezing. For gods sake, DUST the shelves a bit lar!

Most Annoying Feature:
Kinokuniya, KLCC: For wrapping up their books. Though if that's what it takes to stop people tearing out pages and defiling the books, then I don't really mind, to tell the truth...

Most Improved Bookstore:
Borders, Berjaya Times Square - I still don't like going to that termite warren of a shopping complex, but at least Borders had the sense to get rid of the stupid World of Feng Shui section and replace it with a pretty decent graphic novel section instead.

Most Disappointing Development:
Kinokuniya, KLCC: They started charging RM1 for wrapping books. WAAA!

Best for Local Books:
MPH: They very the support local authors one. Good good!

Best Graphic Novel Section:
Kinokuniya, KLCC: No fight, thanks to that entire WALL of graphic novels, and the up-to-date shelves of new arrivals. MPH's graphic novel displays tend to be damn messy and filled with nothing but Star Wars titles; Borders Times Square's selection is so-so only (The Curve's is downright pathetic).

Best Magazine Section:
The Two budget Magazine stores in Amcorp Mall: For selling imported magazines like Empire and Q for only RM9.90-12.90 (back issues lar, of course)

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