Thursday, 14 December 2006

Eyeris' 2006 Movie Lists: Favorite Movie Characters

The way I see it, I can't really be bothered with who was the best actor or actress in the movies this year. After all, I mostly watched all those frivolous blockbusters where SFX is all that matters and acting is secondary (most of the time).

So, to hell with all that 'best actor' 'best actress' shit. I'll leave that part to the Oscars and what not. I'm gonna focus on the movie CHARACTERS I like best, because to me, it's not about the actors who are acting as the character, but more of how the characters comes through when acted by the actor. Whatever that means.

Anyway, here we go:

Eyeris' Favorite Female Movie Characters of 2006
(sorted according to degree of hotness)

Vesper Lynd
(Casino Royale)
Hottest Bond girl EVAR

Sharifah Amani is cute. VERY cute.

Lois Lane
(Superman Returns)
Not exactly the best Lois Lane ever, but man she looks good with glasses...

Sister Encarnacion
(Nacho Libre)
Ok, the movie was stupid (but somewhat funny), and so she's supposed to be a nun.... but she's hot. :D

(Lady in the Water)
Bryce Dallas-Howard in nothing but a white shirt. Woot!

Eyeris' Favorite Male Movie Characters of 2006
(sorted according to degree of coolness)

(V for Vendetta)
THE coolest hero of the year in the coolest movie of year. Viva Le V....

James Bond
(Casino Royale)
The only Bond who could probably beat up the rest of the Bonds AT THE SAME TIME, with one arm tied behind his back.

(X-Men: The Last Stand)
The movie sucked, but those claws are ALWAYS cool

Captain Jack Sparrow
(Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest)
The movie may just be a two-and-a-half-hour-long trailer for the third movie, but Captain Jack Sparrow still rocks the dock.

Lex Luthor
(Superman Returns)
Superman is a wuss and got PWNed. Kevin Spacey rocks.

Favorite Animated Animal Characters, sorted according to level of un-annoying-ness

NONE (They were ALL annoying)


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