Monday, 4 December 2006

Eyeris' 2006 Music Lists: Songs Discovered Through Movies & TV

It's December, and what better time to start on some year-end lists than when you' sitting at home on a MONDAY, sipping a nice hot cup of FRESHLY BREWED coffee after having just woke up an hour ago at eleven thirty a.m.....

Tee hee.

Ok, moving along, I've been thinking about doing year-end lists since... well, yesterday, and I think I'll approach this in a different way. Instead of ranking them from one to ten according to my personal preference, I shall just list them out and give them stupid awards instead.

That way I can include some stuff I wanna whine about as well as the stuf I really like, and you can't argue that one movie/book/song is better than the other because I DID IT MAAAAAAH WAAAAAAY.


Pardon the unsually chirpy tone. Waking up at 11am to a cup of freshly brewed coffee does that to you. So does the thought of not having to go to work. Tee hee.

Ok, enough gloating, here's the first of my lists:


Eyeris' Favorite Songs Discovered Through Movies and TV in 2006:

Shell & Half-pain (both by Bana)

Where I heard it: the opening and closing themes for the anime Witch Hunter Robin
- I got hooked to watching Witch Hunter Robin on Animax mostly because of these two brilliantly addictive songs. I may not have a clue what the lyrics mean (it IS in Japanese after all), but I'll be damned if I've heard more moving and emotional openings and closing themes to any other anime flick...

Infinity (Merrick)
Where I heard it: Grey's Anatomy
- There are certain songs I hear that automatically bring a secret smile to my lips, and this is one of them. Everytime I hear this song, I automatically smile, and mouthed the words 'Infinity' (which is one of my favorite words, BTW. hehe)

Cosy in the Rocket (Psapp)
Where I heard it: Grey's Anatomy opening theme
- I kinda like Grey's Anatomy. A bit soal-operaish, but funny, and has hot chicks. Woot! Anyway, I like the laidback, dreamy feel to this song...

Mad World (Gary Jules)
Where I heard it: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
- Some people have complained that this song is not as good as the Tears for Fears original, but who cares? In the context of the show, and that particular episode it was played in, when the song came on, it was a damn powerful moment...

Teardrop (Massive Attack)
Where I heard it: House MD opening theme
- I've had this song in my laptop for YEARS, but it wasn't until I started watching House that I really got to like it. I still think the music video for this is damn creepy though...

Desire (Ryan Adams)
Where I Heard it: House MD
- This was playing in one of the episodes, and it was one of the most poignant scenes I remember of House's season two episodes...

Celebrate The Day (Herbert Gronemeyer)
Where I heard it: The Astro World Cup telecasts
- THE best song of the 2006 World Cup, Il Divo be damned...

You Don't Know My Name (Chris Cornell)
Where I heard it: Casino Royale
- This song kinda grew on me after the second time I watched Casino Royale. Ok, I'll admit I didn't like this the first time I heard it, since it was so far removed from a James Bond theme. Then I came home and heard Duran Duran' A View To a Kill....

Shipping Up to Boston (Dropkick Murphys)
Where I heard it: The Departed
- Heck, the movie itself may not have lived up to my expectations, but it was memorable for the sounds of this rocking song throughout the film.

Sleep (Azure Ray)
Where I heard it: The Devil Wears Prada
- I went looking for the song as soon as I came back (winding up downloading a bunch of crap from the soundtrack before I finally found the song), and after that I decided to download more Azure Ray stuff, and now I'm ordering their album online... :D

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