Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Eyeris' 2006 Music Lists: The Worse of the Year

Continuing with the musical theme of the blog this week, I shall now list out what I HATED most about the music in 2006, in awards form.

Eyeris' Worst of 2006 Music Awards

Most Annoying Songs of 2006:
Any song by the Pussycat Dolls. Far more annoying that even that stupid ...Martyrdom and Suicide... (not gonna bother typing the whole title out) by Panic! In The Disco.

Worse Cover Version of 2006:
No Sheryl Crow this year, thank god, but Ronan Keating should be SHOT, DRAWN and QUARTERED FOUR TIMES for the first degree MURDER of my favorite song, Iris.

Worse Attempt at Going Solo:

Fergie. WTF are you singing about??? Woman, you're better off staying with the Black Eye Peas.

Most Overplayed Song of 2006:
Am tempted to say it's Gnarls Barkley's Crazy, but I kinda like that song (a little). And since I don't listen to radio stations, I can't make a proper judgement. But I'm guessing its probably James Blunt's You're Beautiful. It's a nice song, but GODDAMMIT STOP PLAYING IT ALL THE FREAKING TIME CAN OR NOT?????

Bands I Wish Would Drop Dead and Die:

This award goes to Fall Out Boy and Panic! In the Disco, two bands that feature lead singers with voices more whiny than even Good Charlotte and Simple Plan put together. These two bands are without doubt the most ANNOYING bands to come out since... since... well, since Good Charlotte and Simple Plan. And WTFWTFWTF is up with all those STUPID song titles????

Special Award for Single-Handedly Killing Off any Hope of Malaysians Ever Getting to See a Concert by a Decent Act in the Country Ever Again

Pussycat Dolls
. WTF were the organisers THINKING?????

Worse Album Cover of 2006

'Nuff said.

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