Sunday, 31 December 2006

My Forced and Enforced Internet Hiatus

It's amazing how many things you can accomplish when you're not spending half your time trying to connect to the Internet, eh?

Since the damn Internet broke down on Tuesday, I didn't even TRY to get online for the past... five days. I figured, 'Bah, it's gonna be damn slow anyway, so why bother?'

So, instead of spending my spare and unspare time blogging, chatting, downloading, I ended doing other things instead - clean my room, do my housework, get clearing my backlog of work, and other generally productive things.

Anyway, enough of that. After five internet-free days (some forced, some enforced), and after a nice little Christmas break, I'm back!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone. Happy partying!

Me, I'm gonna be indulging in my yearly ritual of staying home on New Year's Eve and laughing at all you poor sods stuck in traffic jams while trying to get to wherever you're trying to get to.


Ok ok, back to mopping the floor. Gotta get the house clean before the New Year.... :-S

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