Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Random Things I learnt Today

- My Cantonese really sucks. So when in doubt, shut up
- Cineleisure has specific parking lots for single female drivers only
- The Chinese restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental actually provides reading glasses for customers who forgot their own glasses, so they can read the menus
- To beware of backstabbers. They're everywhere.
- How to 'lock' my voice recorder so I don't set it off in the middle of a movie.
- Don't piss off the photographer
- Assumption is the mother of all feckups
- 1 teaspoon of hazelnut syrup in my coffee is too little, 2 teaspoons is too much
- The Shaw Brothers' library of films actually has a legitimate category called 'Erotica'
- Sometimes you don't have to do anything for something to happen
- No one really wants Facial Whitener for Dark Skin
- Some freebie pens look really cool, but really suck
- The office is lonely when your best friends are gone

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