Wednesday, 31 January 2007

The Perfect Eyeris Bookstore

Personally, a perfect bookstore to me would have the following:

  • Friendly staff
  • Friendly staff who actually KNOW what their store is selling
  • Friendly staff who know what they are selling and won't ask me "Who's Terry Pratchett?"
  • A graphics novel / comics section
  • A graphics novel / comics section that has more than just Star Wars, Superman, Spiderman and Batman comics
  • Books that are not wrapped up
  • Idiot detectors at the door to filter out idiots who have a tendency to destroy the books that are not wrapped up by either creasing the books, leaving them on the floor, drawing in them, or even tearing the pages out
  • Nice, carpeted floors and lots of cosy sofas or benches to sit on and rest/read
  • A nice, comprehensive Fantasy and Science Fiction section
  • A nice, comprehensive Fantasy and Science Fiction section that is lumped together under one 'Science Fiction' or "Science Fiction / Fantasy" section (I like my Pratchetts to be seperated from my Asimovs and Dirks please)
  • A nice, comprehensive Fantasy and Science Fiction section with more than just Dragonlance/ Wheel of Time/ Forgotten Realms and LOTR.
  • Bookshelves that are not too high
  • Bookshelves that don't give me a crick in my neck while trying to browse.
  • Nicely categorised bookshelves
  • Not too much dust
  • A good reservation/ information counter and system
  • A nice coffee place to hang out and read
  • A nice coffee place to hang out and read that isn't Starbucks
  • No CD section blaring out songs that I don't necessarily want to listen to while I'm reading
  • Some designated 'librarians' (or should I call them bookstorians?) to patrol the store and shush people talking LOUDLY on their mobile phones, stop people from just simply unwrapping the books, remind parents to tell their kids to treat boks with respect and not throw them on the floor after reading, and to make sure that a copy of the Kamasutra for the Kinky Lover doesn't not find its way to the Children's section.
  • A good magazine section with the latest issues of magazines AND back issues as well.

Will add more when I think of more. :D

So, tell me, what would YOUR perfect bookstore have?

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

I Have No Money But I Must Read

Was in Kinokuniya.
Still the best bookstore in KL.
Saw so many books I wanna buy.
But no money.

Someone get me these please, kthxbai.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Book Review: 300 (Frank Miller, Lynn Varley)

I wrote this some time ago, but never got the chance to finish it... So since I haven't really finished any books (the Dream-eaters book is more tedious than I thought), I thought I'd put this up instead...

And since there's a movie coming out as well... (more on that later)


Title: 300
Author: Frank Miller (writer/artist), Lynn Varley (Colorist)

A dramatization of the legendary Battle of Thermopylae, where Spartan King Leonidas and his 300-man bodyguard met the massive army of Emperor Xerxes of Persia

What I Liked:

  • The artwork is brilliant. Very cool.
  • The writing is also damn good.
  • King Leonidas is damn cool.
  • I like the way the Spartans speak in the book. Curtly, arrogantly, like they don't wanna waste any breathe on any extra words
  • The Spartans are awesome

What I Didn't Like:

  • For RM100++, you'd expect something longer lor...
  • Blasted book is oversized and doesn't fit in with all my other graphic novels...
  • Traitors! Boo! I hate Traitors!


300 is an awesome book. The way it's told by Miller, you get a good sense of what happened at that battle, with all that great art, some dramatisation, lots of blood and violence, cool one-liners

Sin City in Ancient Greece it ain't, but reading this will had me wanting to learn more about the Spartans.

It's too short though. That's all I can complain about.

Now bring on the movie....

Friday, 26 January 2007

Freedom Fries are the Right of All Sentient Beings!

Remember me complaining about how A GOOD TOY IS THE RIGHT OF ALL OPTIMUS PRIMES?

Well, here's an Optimus Prime toy that is either is the lamest cashing-in on the TF movie ever, or quite possibly the most brilliant Transformer toy ever.



Transforms into a potato and back again!

Say it together now:

Freedom Fries are the Right of All Sentient Beings!

Thursday, 25 January 2007

X-Men: The College Years


Wednesday, 24 January 2007

The Meaning of 缘


I found this little mantra in one of my old exercise books, something I wrote (with my half-past six Chinese) during my loner days at school when I used to listen to a lot of depressing 王 songs.

You see, the word '缘' meant a lot more to me than its literal meaning of 'fate'. To me, it meant that tiny sliver of fate that binds two friends together.

I believed that the first meeting (初缘) is all up to chance one has to 'follow fate' (随缘). What happens next, if you wish to continue that fateful connection (续缘); is all up to you to make it happen, hence you need to 'create fate' (创缘). And finally, if I also believed that the only way that connection, or the fate of two people can end (尽缘), is if either one of them lets go of that 'fate' (弃缘).

It's sappy, yes, but for years, this is what I believed.

This post is dedicated to all the friends, old and new, that I've made, loved, or lost throughout the years, for better or for worse.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

What Was Cool Is Now Old School

Looking through my mp3s,
Sifting through my CDs,
Found lots of cool 'old' songs,
Like Foo Fighters' Everlong.

Radiohead got me in a Creepy mood,
And Better than Ezra was just so Good.
Lit were their Own Worst Enemies,
And Zombies ate Cranberries.

Way before Ryan Star's wimpy version,
REM were already Losing their Religion
Deep Blue Something had Breakfast at Tiffany's
And the stations Pushed Matchbox Twenty.

Green Day hoped you had the Time of Your Life,
Even as Third Eye Blind led a Semi-Charmed Life.
Oasis Didn't Look Back in Anger,
But Blur somehow became more Tender.

The Goo Goo Dolls went a Long Way Down,
And Dexter Freebish was Leaving Town.
Ash met a Girl From Mars,
Smashing Pumpkins sang songs To Sheila.

Songs that are now considered old school,
By kids who think Fall Out Boy is cool
I tell you, kids these days have no clue,
That The Joshua Tree was the best of U2.

Friday, 19 January 2007

I Resent....

..... quite a number of things right now.

I resent the assumption that everyone of us SHOULD feel outraged

I resent having our cosy little corner being disrupted by the unreservedness of others

I resent being told that I have no freedom even though I've been pretty happy so far

I resent the fact that people abuse that freedom

I resent people who keep pushing that envelope to see how long before the dam breaks

I resent people who do things based on their own personal vendetta

I resent being told to conform by bandwagonists who are just along for the ride

I resent being accused of not sticking up for my right when I'm perfectly happy not overstepping what right I already have, and not try to take advantage of that

I resent being dragged into muddy waters by people whose views I don't agree with

I resent the fact that the rest are being tainted with the same brush.

I resent being told that if you're not with us, you're against us

So yeah, that's MY stand.

Don't like it? Awww, too bad. Freedom of speech, remember? Just leave us alone already.

At the end of the day, some of us are quite happy just being able to EXIST, ok?

Fantastic Solutions to Develop Young Readers

You know, I've always thought that fantasy is the perfect genre to get kids to read.

After all, what are Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree and Wishing Chair stories but very simple, imaginative and magical fantasy stories targeted at kids? It's full of magic, made-up lands and creatures and fantastic adventures that I used to love reading even before I started reading Standard One textbooks (which explains why I was never very keen on reading those textbooks in the first place).

And as much as I complain about Harry Potter, I have to agree that it has aroused interest in reading among a lot of kids all around the world. And with all that magic, monsters and adventures that Harry and gang get into, kids get to use their imagination to try and conjure up what happens in the book. It's something very fun to do, all that imagining how a Quiditch match looks like, or how a Snitch flies.

Anyway, like I said, fantasy is perfect for getting kids to read. There's really nothing more fun for a kid than imagining worlds and magic that does not exist, and playing it in your mind. I should know, after reading all those Lone Wolf books, I used to make up my own adventures and build my own Sommerswerd from Lacy bricks (Lego was too brittle).

After reading Faraway Tree, I built my own little playgorund by a hill slope complete with my very own Slippery-slip (and even a Bumpity-Bump. Don't ask. It hurt like hell).

And you know what? After reading those books, and playing in those fantasy worlds, I found myself wanting to read more and more such stories, to discover similar worlds, and to find more things to play and mix and match with what I had already read.

Then TV came along, and I began mixing Lone Wolf and Grailquest characters with Transformers and MASK characters and create my own stories with LEGO. But I still kept reading more and more, because it was easier than waiting one whole week for the next episode of Transformers.

Another idea is to start them off with a graphic novel. Not all graphic novels are about superheroes, ok? Some are quite good, and don't have any violence or sex in them at all. Take Jeff Smith's Bone, for instance.

Bone is the reason I came up with this post. You see, I've been buying the new Scholastic all-colour version of Bone lately, which are reprinted and targeted for children - something that Jeff Smith always resisted in the past.

According to his website, he says:

"Apparently, BONE was one of the most requested graphic novels in libraries across the country. By kids! Now, if you’ve followed my career in comics, you know I’ve fought against BONE being labeled a children’s book. Mostly for marketing reasons - -today’s comic book readers are mostly adults, and a kid’s comic wouldn’t survive long- - but also because I wasn’t writing for kids.....

Anyway, the kids found BONE and claimed it. They got enough librarians looking for it, that Ingram [the library distributors] called us. When trade magazines like Booklist, Library Journal, and Publisher’s Weekly began reporting on the high circulations of graphic novels and teachers’ discovery that kids actually were reading them, big publishers like Scholastic took notice...."

So, let's see, what have we learnt from the above quotes? Well... for one,a graphic novel written for adults turned out to be loved universally by kids, who demanded to read more.

So there you have it. Getting a kid to read isn't about getting him to sit down and memorise textbooks or reading dry classics by Shakespeare. It's about getting him to ENJOY the books he is reading, be it fantasy, graphic novels or anything else. And once he starts enjoying it, the habit will follow.

Kids are the future, and authors are realising that as well. I was at Kinokuniya just now, and I saw David Edding's The Belgariad in the children's section, with a brand new cover, targeted at children. And I thought, hey, it may be blatant milking of his best books (mostly because his new ones are shite), but it is nevertheless, a damn good idea.

After all, The Belgariad IS fantasy that is very accessible to kids - no violent killings, no foul language, no sex, etc. It's all about a hero, and his friends, going around saving the world, and making dry sarcastic remarks about each other. all in all, very wholesome.

Besides, look at all the fantasy authors who have books targeted specifically at children - Terry Pratchett (The Tiffany Aching books), Neil Gaiman (Coraline), Ursula Le Guin (Gifts/ Voices); and look at how many 'children's books' are hailed as fantasy masterpieces - His Dark Materials, Garth Nix's Old Kingdom series, The Hobbit, Narnia, and er... Harry Potter (BAH!)

Fantasy is not evil. Fantasy is not anti-religion. Fantasy is the art of creating worlds that readers can conjure up with that remarkable thing called imagination, of which children have the most of. It's... magic!

Thursday, 18 January 2007

It's Eye on Everything, Not Malaysia.

I seem to be getting a lot of hits from Google and Yahoo looking for Eye on Malaysia.

Well, hello there.

Yes, I get it. My blog is called Eye on Everything. and I'm from MALAYSIA. Doesn't mean I'm a bloody Ferris Wheel promoter as well.

So, if you happen to be popping by here looking for:
  • pictures of a bloody ferris wheel
  • lines of people queing to get on said bloody ferris wheel
  • sarcastic sniggering about how these people are wasting time because said bloody ferris wheel is gonna be open until the 31 December after all,
  • rants on how big a waste of money said bloody ferris wheel is
  • raves about the views from said bloody ferris wheel
....Then you're in the wrong blog. Go kacau Jef Ooi or something. He seems to be pretty proud of his forum that has so many people going there to look at pictures of the bloody ferris wheel.

Me? I couldn't be bothered to even go look at the Eye on Malaysia. Besides, it's not even a real eye on Malaysia. just an eye on Titiwangsa. Want a much better view? Save that RM15 and go visit the KLCC Skybridge. I bet you could even see the ferris wheel from there...

Oh heck, but what am I complaining about? Thanks for all the hits, bloody ferris wheel!

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Not Bad Odds, Fingers crossed

It went well.
I hope.
Hope I didn't talk too much nonsense.
And hope my tie wasn't lopsided.
25 out of 60 ain't bad odds, really.
Fingers crossed.
Toes too.

PS: Don't you just hate it when you only think of the best answers after the damn thing?

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

From Masterpiece Prime to Shitty Prime

This is Optimus Prime:

(picture taken from

It's the original Generation One Optimus Prime toy.

And here is the MASTERPIECE Optimus Prime...

(picture taken from

... which is THE best version of G1 Optimus Prime EVAR!

Next up, we have an Alternators Optimus Prime that is actually a real truck, a Dodge Ram:

(picture taken from

So it's a pickup truck. At least it's still a truck.

This is the Armada Prime (or at least a repaint of it):

(picture taken from

Still looks like an Optimus Prime, no? Ignore the ape arms. And don't even mention that gorilla Prime. That's Optimus PRIMAL, not Optimus Prime.

Next, we have the newest versions of Optimus Prime, the Classic Optimus Prime:

(picture taken from

and the Galaxy Force/ Cybertron Optimus Prime:

(picture taken from

And this is supposed to be Optimus Prime when he was still in Cybertron:

Yeah, the Titanium War Within Optimus Prime may be crappy, but at least he still looks like Optimus Prime.

Heck, I'm even willing to go out on a limb and say this Energon fatso here is Optimus Prime:

(picture taken from

Now, here I present to you MY little family of Optimus Primes:

Yes, all the above are all Optimus Primes. And for the upcoming movie, we'll have an Optimus Prime that will probably look something like this:

That, at least still looks like Optimus Prime. But this next one, which is a toy from the movie, doesn't look like that at all:


Instead of a Truck Cab they turned him into a Turd Cab.

Yo Hasbro, Protoform Prime your HEAD lar. That ain't Optimus Prime, that's a Shitty Prime!

Come on, I'm sure you can do better than THAT! A good toy is the right of all Optimus Primes!!!

When Boba Met Marvin

Monday, 15 January 2007

Close Encounters of The FWOOOP kind

I just wanted a photo of the view,
So I stepped over the fence,
Onto the ankle-length grass.
Lifting the camera to my eyes,
I took the picture.
Then I heard it.
A strange but familiar sound,
Soft but distinct:
A very clear, very eerie,
Very chilling sound,
Something I reckon I'd heard before,
Probably in a National Geographic documentary,
I looked down,
And immedietely leapt away,
For a mere two feet away,
Staring at me menacingly,
Was this:

I wonder if it was poisonous?

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Book Review: Honk! If You're Malaysian (Lydia Teh)

Since I ended last year's book reviews with a Malaysian book by Yvonne Foong, I figured it would be appropriate to start THIS year's Hopefully-Weekly Book Reviews with another local book - Lydia Teh's Honk! If You're Malaysian....


Title: Honk! If You're Malaysian
Author: Lydia Teh

Long story short, it's a collection of essays and articles by Lydia, both original and previously published before, mostly about the quirly side of Malaysian life and culture.'

What I Liked:
  • Very... MALAYSIAN
  • 'Tis funny!
  • Refreshingly self-depreciating, very honest at least
  • I like the tone of the whole book. It reflects the way a real Malaysian thinks and speaks, without trying to sound too... sophisticated, and use too many bombastic words.
What I Didn't Like:
  • Some of the stories I'm SURE I've read somewhere before. would have ben nice to include a snippet behind the article to tell us where it was published before, and which are new.
  • I wish I'd written some of the stories here. :-(
  • Er... some jokes seem to have been recycled lor... hehe.

I have yet to see a quintessiontally Malaysian fiction novel, and so far, I only recognise one 'author': cartoonist Lat, who has actually published a book that can be said to truly represent the funny, quirky and oh-so-colourful aspects of Malaysian culture without over exoticising it in the way a lot of 'mainstream novels' tend to treat Asian cultures.

Anyway, Lydia's book may not be fiction, but it's as close to Lat's cartoons as you can get in terms of topic and style as you can get. The style is quirky, not too blunt, but not too self-righteous either, and the way it is written doesn't make you feel as though you're being talked down to by some Western writer who thinks he has a superior intellect and vocabulary.

On the contrary, reading this book, you get the feeling that you're being told a story by your next door neighbor, your classmates or even a cab driver (I'm talking about the tone, which truly reflects how a Malaysian thinks and talks, and not about the language or grammar. THOSE are fine.)

Frankly speaking, I was kicking myself a few times while reading the stories because I wish I'd thought of that idea and written the story myself. hehe.

Everything, from food, sports, traffic jams, and everything else you can think of that has to do with Malaysian life is covered in there, and then some; and if you're a Malaysian, you can probably relate to most of, if not all the stories told here.

To put it simply, you'd like Honk, especially if you're Malaysian.

Friday, 12 January 2007

PPS has become PPPS

If I had only discovered this thing called blogging this year, I'd have thought that the sole main purpose of blogging is not writing or journals or even camwhoring.

I'd have thought the sole purpose of blogging was to make money.

After all, these days, everytime you look at PPS you get so many pings about how one blog has been accepted by PPP, or how much he's been getting from Adsense, bla bla bla.

It's as if PPS has become PPPS, and blogging isn't about what you write about or what you want people to know anymore, but rather, how much money you're earning from the blog.

Truth be told, I HAVE thought about putting up ads on this blog. Heck, I DO have a Adsense account and I even had a small ads bar up some time ago, but I took it down. Why?

Because I didn't think that ads belonged on my blog. Screw that, I started this blog for fun, and I reckon it should stay that way. It's got nothing to do with principles. It's just no fun going to blogs that blog merely for money, or to get more traffic. The sincerity is not there. The honesty is not there. And when you take that out of the blog, it's just no fun anymore.

I just wanna have fun when blogging or visiting blogs. And I want people who come here to have fun, not wonder how much I'm bloody making from ads, and to feel that they've been cheated into contributing to my bank account.

Not that I'm against blogging for money or anything like that. Heck no, it's YOUR bloody blog, so by all means, go ahead. Just don't expect me to be going to your blogs anytime soon lor.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Heroes Without Spandex

The past two days I've been feverishly watching this new series called Heroes non-stop, all 11 episodes back to back (ok, the first five back to back, then the next six back to back on the second day).

It's been ages since I've gotten hooked to a TV show. The last one was House, and even that wasn't as addictive as Heroes is to me now. Sure, people keep telling me I should watching 24 (Got past three quarters of the first season, didn't really get back into it), and Lost (don't see the point of it all), but Heroes was a lot more interesting for me because the subject is cool - SUPERHEROES.

What is the show all about? Well, it's about a group of people from all over the world who discover that they have acquired superpowers, and how they cope with their powers, and how they all come together.

A lot of the powers seem to be very X-Men-like, but without the cheesy spandex and the funny skin colours.

My favorite character has got to be the Japanese dude, Hiro Nakamura, who can bend space and time, teleport, and travel through time. The fella really makes the whole show worth watching. It's been ages since I've seen a character as endearing as Hiro on a TV show.

A lot of the scenes are far-fetched, but the way it is filmed just makes it quite believeable. And the story is damn cool as well. It's not like that stupid Mutant X or any other Superhero series that came out. This one is very realistic, and the story is not just about the heroes saving the world, but saving themselves as well.

Oh, and did I mention that almost every episode has a cliffhanger? I'm up to episode 11 now, and I can't wait for the next episode! GAH!

PS: Check out the show's website for some bios/ episode synopsis and cool wallpapers!

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

That's Five-Zero Eyeris to YOU!

The number of the day is....



Because of this:

100,000 hits on Eye on Everything, babeh!!! That's FIVE zeros, people, count it properly!

Actually, come to think about it, I think it's more, because I only installed this SiteMeter thingy a few months AFTER I started the blog. So I probably have around.... 100,010 hits around the time I took this screenshot. teehee.

Sure, it's nothing compared to some bloggers who get that in a WEEK or less, but hey, for a tiny book/movie/music blog that has so much nonsense, it's quite an achievement, ok?

Anyway, thank you all for helping me reach this landmark! On to the next 100,000!!! (ceh wah, so greedy)

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Categories of an Eye on Everything (2006)

Yeah, I haven't been updating lately. Why? Well, in the beginning it was because the Internet was down. So I had an excuse not to blog. Whee!

Then The internet got better. But because I've been sitting with my laptop in the office WITHOUT an internet connection, I didn't update either. Come home, too tired and too malas to update. hehe,

Plus I donno what to blog about also. Sien.

Oh, but actually hor, I WAS actually blogging. Just wasn't POSTING. Why? Well, I was preparing THIS post of course, the 2006 Categories of Eye on Everything post!

Yup yup, just like what I did LAST YEAR for the 2004-05 posts, here in one single handy post are ALL the posts on EoE in 2006, all arranged according to category (and alphabetically samore!). Oi, I took one week to finish the whole list ok? Not easy ok?

Anyway, I got a few book reviews lined up, so regular blogging transmission shall begin soon. I hope. Until then, go read old posts first lah! :-D


Categories of an Eye on Everything (2006)

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Monday, 1 January 2007

What I'm Looking Forward to in 2007

Hardy Newt Yarn!
Heavy Noob Yeah!
Hardly Nude Yeti!


*Lets off fireworks*


Ok, for the first post of the new year, I shall now list down (yup, back to lists, last one for now, I promise. Er, then again, maybe not. I like lists too much) the stuff I'm REALLY looking forward to this year, in the world of books, movies and music.

As for my personal goals.... mind your own business you lot. I got work to do! :D

ahem, on with the lists!


1) Stardust
2) The Simpsons Movie! (DOH!)
3) Ratatouille (Pixar! Again!)
4) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (We'll finally get to see what the 2 and a 1/2 hour trailer in 2006 was leading up to!)
5) Spider-man 3 (Venom! Sandman! Green Goblin returns! WOOT!)
6) 300 (Frank Miller. Gorgeous trailer. Nuff said.)
7) Transformers (I just KNOW it's gonna suck, but... but... it's TRANSFORMERS!!!)


1) Lady Friday (Garth Nix)
2) The final book of Robin Hobb's Soldier Son trilogy
3) The next Terry Pratchett book (just like every other year...)
4) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (because I wanna see if Rowling REALLY means this to be the last book in the series...)


1) Muse
2) Jacky Cheung (I've NEVER seen him in concert ok? THIS is one Chinese concert I'm definitely going for!)