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Categories of an Eye on Everything (2006)

Yeah, I haven't been updating lately. Why? Well, in the beginning it was because the Internet was down. So I had an excuse not to blog. Whee!

Then The internet got better. But because I've been sitting with my laptop in the office WITHOUT an internet connection, I didn't update either. Come home, too tired and too malas to update. hehe,

Plus I donno what to blog about also. Sien.

Oh, but actually hor, I WAS actually blogging. Just wasn't POSTING. Why? Well, I was preparing THIS post of course, the 2006 Categories of Eye on Everything post!

Yup yup, just like what I did LAST YEAR for the 2004-05 posts, here in one single handy post are ALL the posts on EoE in 2006, all arranged according to category (and alphabetically samore!). Oi, I took one week to finish the whole list ok? Not easy ok?

Anyway, I got a few book reviews lined up, so regular blogging transmission shall begin soon. I hope. Until then, go read old posts first lah! :-D


Categories of an Eye on Everything (2006)

All Whacked Out:

- Kum Apollo Tora O-Ya!
- The Eyeris Limited Edition Bubur Kit Kat!
- An Early Morning Rush Rush Rush
- Smiling Sexpots and Pouting Pontianaks...
- Toink Toink.
- Mampuslica: Imaginary Names for an Imaginary Band
- Fireangel and the Lame Anime Story
- Hazy Hazy Hazy Hazy
- Disco Dragons Do Di Do...
- The Spirit of Love in an Aluminium Can
- Yaiku.

Best of 2006 Lists:

- Eyeris' 2006 Music Lists: Songs Discovered Through Movies & TV
- Eyeris' 2006 Music Lists: Favorite Live Music Moments
- Eyeris' 2006 Music Lists: The Worse of the Year
- Eyeris' 2006 Music Lists: Personal Favorites of the Year
- Eyeris' 2006 Movie Lists: The Bothered Lists
- Eyeris' 2006 Movie Lists: Favorite Movie Posters
- Eyeris' 2006 Movie Lists: Favorite Movie Characters
- Eyeris' 2006 Movie Lists: Movies I Should Not Have Gone to the Cinema for
- Eyeris' 2006 Movie Lists: The Eyeris Oscars
- Eyeris' 2006 Book Lists: The Rather-Biased Eyeris Bookstore Awards
- Eyeris' 2006 Book Lists: The Finished and Unfinished


- MEME: The Undetermined 10 Words Essay Meme
- MEME: The Meme Sunday: Schools In Rewind
- The Demise of the Clouded Moon
- Some Things You Should Know About This Blog
- Blog Meets: HAH! Eat my cyber dust, people!
- A Rantglass of Potshots in Gongkapas
- Blog Meets: You and what mob?
- MEME: Busy Me Do Meme
- The Fireangel Theory of Prominent Blogging
- Happy Second Birthday to Eye on Everything!!!!!
- A Little Bit about This Blog
- Too Malas to Translate What Pai Seh Means
- The Seventh Art of The Visitor's Seventeen Hundredth Blog
- What is Eyeris-Like to You?
- Blog Meets: A Special Eyeris Bloggers' Meet Report
- Writers: Before and After Blogs


- Me and My Plan B Mags
- Fantasy novels have warped my fragile little mind!
- The Sandman Completeth Thy Dream
- Bordered at the Curved
- Observations of Wasted Reading Time
- Reading Da Vinci Code Gets Your Team Relegated!
- Damn the Darn Vinci Turd
- My Books Books Books Books... And more Books
- Sir Thursday conquers the Times Warehouse Sale
- Nac Mac Feegle!!! The Big Wee Hag is back!!!
- Forest Mages and Dragons in the Deep
- The Eyeris List of Top Ten Most 'Harmful' Books ever written
- Manga Floodgates Bleached and Reopened
- Wishing for an Early Wintersmith
- Uncool Reading for the Cool Guy
- A Circle of Fragile Wallets in Kinokuniya
- Martin Cons Song Readers with Dreams
- The Award-Winning Book Bandwagonist
- Isn't a Trilogy Just a Series of Three Books?
- Judging A Trilogy By Its Covers
- The Wheel of Blissfully Ignorant Times
- The Witches Take Over The Discworld
- Book Warehouse Sales are EVIL!!!!

Book Reviews:

- The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch (Pratchett, Stewart & Cohen)
- Knife of Dreams (Robert Jordan)
- Howl's Moving Castle (Diana Wynne Jones)
- Barkbelly (Cat Weatherill)
- Snowbone (Cat Weatherill)
- Sir Thursday (Garth Nix)
- Batman: Black & White, Volume 1 (Anthology)
- Lionboy: The Truth (Zizou Corder)
- American Gods (Neil Gaiman)
- Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman)
- Forest Mage (Robin Hobb)
- Heart of the Mirage (Glenda Larke)
- The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear (Walter Moers)
- Fragile Things (Neil Gaiman)
- The Ladies of Grace Adieu (Susanna Clarke)
- Hood (Stephen R. Lawhead)
- Stardust (Neil Gaiman, Charles Vess)
- The Curious Incident Of the Dog In the Night-time (Mark Haddon)
- Gifts (Ursula Le Guin)
- Wintersmith (Terry Pratchett)
- Voices (Ursula Le Guin)
- I'm not Sick, Just a Bit Unwell (Yvonne Foong)

How-To Guides:

- How to get Eyeris to Join a Gym: An Expert Guide
- The Eyeris Writing Technique vs The Blunder Technique
- How to Read a Book in a Meeting/Class - An Expert Guide
- How to Do a To-Do List Of Things to Do Today: An Expert Guide
- How to Give up Bad Coffee For Good: An Expert Guide
- How to visit Suria KLCC: The Eyeris Way
- How To Bengangify a Fireangel
- Alcoholic Good Shit That Is Good For You

Malaysia Boleh!

- How the Goddamn Seed Slam-Bonked Samurai XXX's Dragon Balls
- Schmeichel Learns to Boycott Lego Beer
- Taking Our Lives For Granted
- Negara ini bukan ada satu budaya sahaja, tau?
- Bandanna Bandits Ban Banana Banners
- Why Jimmy Stays Not in Malaysia
- Project Happy Malaysia 2006!
- Project Happy Malaysia 2006: Malaysia Gembira Eyeris Gembira
- How Books Are Banned
- Let's go to the zoo, there's lots of things to do....

Movies & TV:

- In the House of Addictive Cynicism
- National Fornication in the Geographic Wild
- Crackin' Oscar, Gromit!
- X-citement of The Last Stand
- V Vindicates Varchowskis's Visionary Vendetta
- Eyeris in The Ice Age Too...
- M-BANG! I-BIFF! 3-BOOM!: The Review
- The Malaysian Scholar Reality TV show!
- The Da Milli Vanilli Crap
- Damn you Superman. You killed the X-Men...
- Pixar: The Roadkill Connoisseurs
- Autobots, Transform, and ROLL CAMERA!
- She-Ra and Cheetara Battle the Blue Vendetta
- Superman sucks, But The Movie Rocks
- Deceptively Underwhelming Autobots
- Pirates of the CarribAAARRRGGGHHH!!!
- Night Returns with a Lady in the Water
- Three Idolised Names and Two Magic Words
- The Most Gripping TV Show in the History of Mankind
- Nachos and The Hot Chica
- The Mann does Miami
- Raining Gold and Hailing Stones
- Batman and Wolverine Do Magic (And Scarlett Johansson)
- The Faithful Departure from The Infernal Affair
- Craig Kicks Brosnan's Ass To Moonraker and Back
- The Only Reasons I Watch Channel [V] (and it ain't the music)
- Good Luck, Captain Jack!


- I'm gonna see the wusses live!!!!
- The Morning Glory Lives Forever, Whatever.
- Getting Strokes over First Impressions
- Jimmy, Stay on my World Tonight
- The Pointlessness of Dissing Musical Tastes
- Cute Plans for Death Cabs and Marching Bands
- The Oasis Live Supernova Masterplan
- Silhouette of Kings
- The Many Faces of the Kings of Concert Ecstasy
- The Meme Sunday: Musically Uninclined
- My Moments of Musiclarity
- World domination is just a lyric away!!!!
- Retro Radio Recording Rewind
- Flaming Monkey Lips take Placebos in a Secret Machine
- Beeping Humps Killed the Radio Star
- Shallow Pop Culture Junkie Month
- Early Morning Ticket Rush in Needless Panic
- An iNane iRamble
- Cute chicks with guitars. Yum.
- Chasing Snow Patrol Cars with Eyes Open
- Movie Songs Rock, Heck Yeah!
- A Rush of Blood to the Head At the Speed of Sound
- Coldplay Mosh-Pit Denizens
- The Eraser of 10000 Rather Ripped Black Holes
- Pink Sonic Steamed Youth
- Put Sufjan Stevens on, and we'll play your favorite song...
- Songs in the Key of F
- An Iron Sea Reindeer Lights Razors in Sam's Town
- The Town where Killers Don't Give a Hot Fuss
- How I Usually Decide What Music to 'Acquire'
- Mr, Mr, Miss, Miss, Ms & Mrs
- A Cute Chick Increases The Tao Factor
- A Bleak, Black Parade of Brilliant Morbidity
- From Rockstar Supernova to LameStar Sappynova
- Marker Pen + Old Photo = Brilliant Album cover
- Contesting Musical Weird Symbols For Narnian Poster
- Band Mixing Merriment
- Wake Me Up When December Ends
- Another Day At the Moral-Assessment-Department (MAD)

Musings and Rants:

- Wise Up, Old Tooth, You're outta here!
- The Miracle of Mobile Good Vibrations
- The Over-Caffeinated Coffee Drawer
- PRogress-PReventing PR PRactices
- The Quiet Escape From A Noisy Hell
- Celebrities, Languages and Interviews in a Nice Long Ramble
- Idea block/ Scary wheels/ Bad Grammar/ Broken Coffee Press/ Shaun/ Wintersmith/ Spectacle Chicks/ Lainie
- An Irritating Insertion of An Insipid Word
- Irritable Eye/ Listless Blog/ Deathly Harry/ Alien Transformers/ Lainie rocks


- More Than Meets The MY!
- Plastic Peanut Butter Jelly Leias
- Buffy Stakes Rocky's Boxer Shorts on Vader's Chopper
- Welcome To The Duck Side....
- A Dream of Endless Statues

Toys, Cameras & MS Paint:

- I went to Taiwan and all I got was an Absolut Yuna...
- The Toyland in My Bedroom
- MS Paint: Valentine's Day in Toyland- When Cybertron Transforms....
- Superman made me Super-busy
- Durin's Bane Spreads Its Plastic Wings
- Too Many Plastic Guitarists Spoil the Band
- Smells Like Banjo Spirit
- Alien vs Predator 2: The Musical
- The Aliens Test Their Anal Probe
- Seasons Greetings From Cybertron


- The Singaporean Swing: The Earth From Above Orchard Road
- Airport Blues: Random pre-flying thoughts....
- The Taiwan Times: Greetings from Taipei!!!
- The Taiwan Times: Funny Fried Frog Food Fetish
- The Taiwan Times: Pretty Smiles, Nice Accents and General Good Feelings
- The Taiwan Times: 40 Minutes, Queues and Airplanes
- The Bali High: Bali Was Great...
- The Bali High: They didn't bomb Ubud, right?
- The Bali High: Chickens, Ducks, Pigs & Fishes
- The Bali High: The Sad Tarnishing of Bali's Reputation
- Airport Blues: Back in KLIA again....
- The Singapore Swing: Flying Back from Jewels and Thorns
- Airport Blues: Stars, Stripes and Planes
- The LA LA LAments: The Longest Day of My Life. Literally.
- The LA LA LAments: One Small Glimpse of One Big City
- The LA LA LAments: Seeing Stars Under My Feet
- The LA LA LAments: The Church of Battlefield Earth
- The LA LA LAments: This Way to the Wokcano!
- The LA LA Laments: Babies in a Zoo
- The LA LA LAments: The Final Lament
- Airport Blues: Random Observations at KLIA #329548
- Airport Blues: Airports remind me of Goodbyes
- The Bangkok Album: Colors, Flowers, Food and Faces
- The Bangkok Album: From Flowers and Grasshoppers to Tanks and Guns

Uncategorised Stuff that didn't fit in any categories:

- May The God of Prosperity appear in YOUR Bucket!!
- This Chinese New Year's for you, Grampa!
- The Morning When Everyone Had the Same Idea
- A Happy Holiday Hiatus Hurrah!
- D-Day For D Tooth
- Random hallucinations of a tired mind
- The Cruelty of being Separated from Your Own Bed...
- Headless Chicken Shoot
- Sick but No MC. Sian.
- It is a gooooood day...
- The King of Randomness
- Lessons Learnt from Long-Winded Yogurt
- Being Busy and Sick on My Week Off
- Cough Cough Hack Hack I Want Durian
- The Heckled Swamp of Deadlines
- A Short Recap of Vodka and Vacations
- Updates of an All-Night-Troll-Whacking Mage
- Selamat Hari Raya!
- Word of the Week: Vanilla
- Word of the Week: Yarl
- The Friday That was worse than a Monday
- Only Hot Chicks Need Apply
- Random Things I learnt Today
- The Gift of Reset
- My Forced and Enforced Internet Hiatus


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