Monday, 26 February 2007

A Wall of Awesome and Noisy Rock Muse-ic

My voice was hoarse from too much screaming, and my neck sore from too much headbanging as I drove back from the Muse concert with my ears ringing and the strains of Invinsible, Supermassive Black Hole, Feeling Good, Starlight and Time is Running Out playing on loop in my car.

These guys are FREAKING AWESOME:

It's amazing how three guys on a stage can make so much noise. The whole concert was just song after song of LOUD MUSIC, HEADBANGING, FALSETTOS and AWESOME PIANO and GUITAR playing; all coming together to make an AWESOME wall of glorious NOISE - the coolest two hours of NOISE I've ever heard.

This dude was especially awesome:

Matt Bellamy is one hell of a live performer. From his impassioned and fervant guitar playing to his piano BANGING and tinkling, he was awesome to watch. Never mind that sometimes we didn't know what the hell he was singing, it was freaking cool just to watch the guy play. Made me wanna learn how to shred the guitar like that as well...

The HELL with over-produced Korean idols who can't sing, the HELL with fancy-schamncy mushy Chinese popstars, or whiny, radio-friendly Fall Out Boyband shit - THIS is what a brilliant concert is all about - nothing but good music, energetic and passionate feverish musicians, and a lot of headbanging.

What a way to kick off my concert-going of 2007. Bring more ROCK BANDS IN PLEASE!!!!

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