Thursday, 15 February 2007

Babel-ing Terrorist Goat Tenders and Paranoid Yanks

No time to write more.
Busy busy busy.
So nah: Babel.
Not a review.
Not a tower.
And most certainly not a fish either.
No spoilers. None needed.
Hmm, Oscar Best Picture nominee.
Must be good. Must go watch.
Guns + Kids = Not Good.
Nekkid Jap!
Hairy Monster! GAH!
Wah, no censor. Miracle!
We have a political situation. HAH!
Paranoid Yankees. BAH!
Japan is the new Hollywood in-thing. Again.
Poor Amelia. Buta-buta kena.
Hmm, that Brad Pitt can act.
Jap chick also can act. Takes off clothes too.
Cate Blanchett a bit underused though.
Everything is connected. Somewhat.
Always anticipating, always dreading.
Life can change so easily just like that, huh?
In a blink of an eye.
A bit slow, and heavy.
A bit too long also.
Wahlau, damn tragic.
Damn sad.
A bit political.
The Academy loves films like this.
I bet it'll win that Oscar.

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