Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Background Hotel Calfornia Drives The Masses Insane

There's this restaurant opposite my office that I go to for lunch sometimes, and where I seem to keep hearing Hotel California EVERYTIME I go there. Not kidding. Then there's also some Duran Duran songs, Police, Lionel Ritchie and so on.

It's like the restaurant owner only has ONE 80's CD in her ENTIRE collection, and plays the SAME CD over and over again,hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month.

It's enough to drive any sane person nuts.

If it wasn't because it's practically the only place in my area that has sambal petai in the economy rice selection, I wouln't even go in there.

Yeah, the music being played in places usually do determine whether or not I would frequent the place or not.

For instance, there is this clothing retail store (where I swear the clothes all consist of BLACK) which I will NEVER step foot into even if I spot something interesting from outside. The reason? Almost EVERY shop in that chain play horrible DUM DUM DUM techno music that gives you a headache as soon as you step in.

Oh, and what about those stores that play bastardised techno ah-beng versions of popular hits, sung by whiny chicks who can't even pronounce the words properly? GAH. Everytime I hear music like that in a store, I RUN OUT immedietely. Which explains why I seldom go to Sungei Wang.

And let's not go into those Kenny G or Richard Clayderman CDs that are such a staple of hotel toilets and elevators.

Anyway, I was wondering just now, what music should shops or cafes play that would be deemed appropriate music?

Personally, I think bookstores should actually have music, just so it doens't sound like a library. Nothing against the 'SILENCE PLEASE' rule in libraries, I just find that studying/reading in an environment that is TOO quiet is in itself too distracting in it self.

I personally tend to like a little background music when I'm reading - something that is not too noisy of course. I certainly won't be able to concentrate on reading if Iron Maiden or Nirvana was playing.

No, I was thinking that perhaps the best kind of music that is most suitable to be played in bookstores would probably be acoustic-type songs like those from Kings of Convenience etc. Then, it won't be too quiet, but it also won't be too noisy either. AND, it won't be so annoying that you just wanna run out of the store ASAP.

But then again, considering the fact that I have my iPod with me anyway, I suppose it doesn't really make a difference what they play in the stores, because chances are I'd be able to drown it out with my own personal songlist anyway.

And no, it doesn't have Hotel California.

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