Wednesday, 7 February 2007

The Flaming Ghostly Mat Rempit

Ghost Rider.
NOT a review.
Nick, if THIS is your idea of superheroing, THANK GOD you didn't do Superman.
At least, cut out the posing posing with finger pointing oledi.
Damn stupid pose in the first place.
And damn silly posturing villains. Not scary also.
Oh, but the fire damn cun. FHWOOSSSH!!!!!
Oh, and the bike also damn cun. FHWOOSSSH!!!!!
Woohoo! I want a flaming bike of my own!
Eh. But skull floating on fire look damn silly at first.
Wait a sec, can fire actually burn underwater?
GAH! Corny dialogue! Lame lame lame.
Eh, that line I heard before... in X-Men right?
Or was it Daredevil?
Maybe it was Spider-man....
Oooooo, Nice Cleavage, Eva.
Curvy too.
Drool drool.
Let's Ride!
Hur hur.

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