Monday, 12 February 2007

Love Song Hate Song

What is it with Chinese singers and their endless love songs? EVERY ALBUM I've been istening to these days seem to be filled with love song after love song, so many that they seem to MELD into one BIG AND LONG love song that never seems to end and sounds the same most of the time.

It's beginning to get really tiresome, listening to love song after love song on album after album. It doesn't matter whether its in Cantonese, or Mandarin, it's all ballad after ballad of guys singing about how their lover has left them and how they miss them, and girls singing about how their lover has run away with her best male friend (ok, not really, but it would have been way more interesting than the usual topics, that's for sure). It doesn't matter who is singing it anymore. They all look and sound the same anyway.

It's getting so... BORING. Someone PLEASE take a gun to the heads of these so-called singers and composers and get them to come up with something that doesn't involve another ting tong ting tong solo piano intro, or a morose chorus accompanied by a music video of the singer walking alone and staring into the sunset.

Yes I realise that the market DEMANDS more and more love songs, but GODDAMMIT at least make some effort to CHANGE the market lar. If you keep feeding the same shit to them, OF COURSE they're gonna end up not buying the albums which you churn out incessantly MONTH AFTER MONTH YEAR AFTER YEAR DECADE AFTER DECADE. And you complain that the music industry is dying. BAH!

Look at David Tao. Jay Chou. Sure, they sing their fair share of love ballads as well, but at least they MAKE AN EFFORT to EXPERIMENT with different styles, different sort of tunes and melodies, instruments and their albums and songs are so much more memorable because of that. They don't just stick to ONE GODDAMN FORMULA and hope that the masses will want to buy YET ANOTHER ALBUM by YET ANOTHER PRETTY BOY singer singing love songs all the time.

Bah. Rant over.

Anyone want some Chinese music CDs?

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