Friday, 9 February 2007

The Wincing Crane Wife Discovered on Music Blogs

I've been visiting a lot of music blogs lately. In fact, I've been er... acquiring a lot of music from these blogs lately.

Through these blogs, I discovered a whole new world of music. Some good, some bad, some that were overhyped, some were just boring. But at least they were not the overplayed crap you hear on radio these days.

To each blog, hes own I suppose.

But don't get me wrong. I may acquire the songs from blogs, but I also buy the albums also. I bought three of the following albums:

I didn't buy Rilo Kiley though, because I borrowed it from someone instead.

Anyway, The Decemberists' The Crane Wife is actually pretty nice. That Yankee Bayonet song is one of the most pleasant tunes I've heard in ages. And some of the other songs, like O'Valencia is also catchy. But I wish they'd cut down on the 12 minute songs though. Very hard to figure out when the song ends and when the new one starts when you are listening to it on an iPod Shuffle with no display screen.

I've just got The Shins album, and from the first listen, it's ok enough. Still need to listen to it more though. And the Silversun Pickups? Lots of blogs seem to recommend them, but I can't seem to get into it. Maybe It's the sort of album that has to GROW on you.

Anyway, one of the blogs I like to frequent right now is this one: Speed of Dark. The songs they post are usually right up my alley, and I got a lot of nice music from there as well. I discovered Azure Ray, Decemberists and some Sufjan Stevens from there as well. Oh, and a few others as well.

The way I work now when it comes to acquiring music is liek this: I just download the song from the blog, then if I like it enough, I'll go looking for the other songs in the album or by the same artiste, and if I like the album enough I'll just buy it off Amazon.

After all, there's no point buying an album if you only like one or two songs on it right? To convince me to buy an album, I must either like that ONE particular song INSANELY MUCH, or the album must have at least 5 songs that I like. then only I'll buy it.

That's why I like goign to music blogs these days. I can sample the music first, then decide whether it is good enough to get it er.. legally.

If you're good, I'll buy. If you're not, no amount of marketing or promotions you do will EVER convince me to spend my Ringgit (RINGGIT OK, Not even US Dollars!) on your album.

So there.

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