Friday, 30 March 2007

Duets In December Snow with Reindeer and Rice

There's always something about a nice male-female duet that gets to me. It's always nice when you get a nice blend of male and female vocals blending together perfectly to form a harmony of song that just... flows seamlessly together.

Now, there are also duets that just don't seem to work for me, For instance, Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey's One Sweet Day may have been a huge hit, but personally I can't stand the way Carey 'yodels' throughout the song and tries to BREATHE her way through the verses instead of singing the song properly.

However, when a male and female vocal can blend seamlessly together, the song is usually a joy to listen to. Here are a couple of songs I'd been listening to recently that inspired this post...

1) Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan (Ihe Blower's Daughter ,and 9 Crimes) -
Hannigan and Rice's voices are just so compatible it hurts. When her voice comes on at the end of The Blower's Daughter, it's such a beautiful moment, and the way they trade verses on 9 Crimes (Aslo used in Shrek 3) is just so brilliantly haunting and sad...

2) Colin Meloy & Laura Veirs (on The Decemberists' Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)) - Everytime this song comes on I can't help but just hum along and bob my head. The lyrics themselves may read like a damn novel, but the combination of the Decemberists' vocalist Meloy and Veirs was good enough for me to go look for more of both singers' work almost immedietely after hearing this song.

Gary Lightbody & Martha Wainwright (on Snow Patrol's Set The Fire To the Third Bar) - this was easily one of the best songs on Snow Patrol's Eyes Open album. And yes, Martha is Rufus' sister.

4) Gary Lightbody & Jeena Reeve (on The Reindeer Section's
Strike Me Down) - Another song that just bring s smile to your face when you hear it. Gary Lightbody's deeper vocals compliment Reeve's softer and higher tone just right, without sonding too out of place. I like.

Yes I know, lots of duets out there that I should mention. but I got no time to elaborate now. Why don't YOU tell me what your favorite duets are as well then?

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